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In 1644 the _____ swept over china to tibet. The manchurians were a foreign race but they eventually became sinicized
they embraced the vision of china as the __________
center of civilization (middle kingdom)
Western Adventurers came to china during the Ch'ing Dynasty mostly to ________
make money
When the portugese and other europeans came to china they realized they were _____________ to the chinese
militarily superior
The dutch took Indonesia and the French took indochina but _____ had the best silks, porcelians and tea in the world
In 1793 ______________ was sent to china to meet with Qianlong in order to initiate trade with china on an equal basis
Lord Macartney
Qianlong considered the british barbarians and said that he had no need for _______, but that the british could pay silver for tea and silk if they wished to do so.
British Goods
The Port of ______ was the first chinese concession to western nations
The chinese saw westerners as uncultured barbarians and the west saw china as ______
godless heathens
at macao merchants and missionaries came to china to open it up to ____ and ____
christ / free trade
every october the merchants of macao sailed 50 miles up the pearl river to _______
the canton system was a syustem of limited trade in which all foreigners were contained in _______
one port
Outside the city 12 skilled merchants dealt with foreigners. They were called the ______ merchants and some made a great deal of money
Edward and Warren Delano, the frandfather of _________ were involved in the china trade
In the early years (before 1793) ______ made little money because the chinese wanted few commodities for tea and sild, and the british and americans had to pay cash to buy products. This hurt the british economy
British Inheritance
Finally they discovered ______. The british few poppies for the source of opuim in india to sell in _____
Opium / China
The americans bought their opium in _______ and sold it in china
the money bostonian traders etc..... made fro mopium helped build railroads, universities like _________ and even helped dinf the research of _____
Princeton / Alexander Grahm Bell
Since the opium trade was illegal in china a clever ....... Ships from macao went to the island of _____ off the coast of china.
with this system there was no risk to _____merchants
by 1835 over _____ chinese were addicted to opium. Eventually mostly the middle class and above got addicted
2 Million
in china they struggled to find a way to stop the illegal trade, they suggested _____ to the users, _____ to the sellers, and even _______ the drug
punish / punish / legalize
The Manchu Emperor appointed _______ as the drug czar to stop the opium trade
Lin Tse Hsu
Lin is today a symbol of the need to stand uip in the influences of _________
foreign trade
om 1839 __________ arrived in Canton to look for a solution to the trade
Lord Macartney
Lin tier to learn more about........He thought that the merchants must be _________
HE WROTE A LETTER TO _______ -nuff said
queen victoria
since he reveived no reply Lin blockaded traders in their factories, _____ and ____ the opium
confiscated / dissolved
The opium traders hurried to __________ and demanded tha the chinese pay for the opium destroyed
london and parliament
by 1939 opium was the worlds..... THe british sent an _____ to china of 16 warships and 4000 troops to defend _______
armada / opium trade
the ___ was the britains secret weapon .......... and destroyed ___ with their guns
steam ship / local forts
to end the war, the _____ paid 6 million .....the british also took _____ which would.
chinese / hong kong