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members of a group that wanted to eliminate all traces of Roman Catholic ritual and traditions in the Church of England.
an economic system in which nations seek to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by establishing a favorable balance of trade
the legislative body of england
Navigation Acts
a series of laws enacted by Parliament, beginning in 1651, to tighten England's control of trade in its American colonies
a kind of biased communication designed to infuence people's thoughts and actions.
Decloration of Independents
the document, written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, in which the delegates of the Continental Congress declaired the colonies' independence from Britain.
a political system in which a national government and consituent units, such as state governments, share power.
Land Ordinance of 1785
a law that established a plan for surveying and selling the fedrally owned lands west of the Appalachian Mountains.
XYZ affair
a 1797 incident in which french officials demanded a bribe from US diplomats
Marbury V. Madison
an 1803 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that it had the power to abolish legislative acts by declaring them unconstitutional, this power came to be known as JUDICIAL REVIEW
Louisiana Purchase
the 1803 purchase by the United states of France's Louisiana Territory- extending from te Mississippi River to the Rockey Mountains for $15 million
Eli Whitteny
Cotton Gin
Bank of the United States
either of the two national banks, funded by the federal government and private investors, established by congress, the first in 1791 and the second in 1816
Cash Crop
a crop grown by a farmer for sale rather than personal use
Triangular trade
the transatlantic system of trade in which goods and people, including slaves, were exchanged between Africa, England, Europe, the west indies and the colonies in North America
Proclamation of 1763
an order which Britain prohibited its American Colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains
Stamp Act
a 1765 law in wich Parliament established the first direct taxation of goods and services within the British Colonirs in north America
Boston Tea Party
the dumping of 18,0000 pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor by colonists in 1773 to protest the Tea Act
Committees of Correspondence
one of the groups set up by American clonists to exchange information about British threats to their liberties
find exanokes
The great compromise
the constitutional conentions agreement ot establish a two house national legislature, with all states having equal representation in one house and each state having representation based on its population in the other house.
Checks and Balances
the provisions in the US constitution that prevent any branch of the US government from domination the other two branches.
supporters of the constitution and of a strong national government
an oppenent of a strong central government
Alien & Sedition acts
A series of four laws enacted in 1789 to reduce the political power of recent immigrants to the united states.
Erie Canal
a 363-mile-long artificial waterway connecting the Hudson RIver with Lake Erie, built between 1817 and 1825.
Missouri Compramise
a series of agreements passed by congress in 1820-1821 to maintain the balance of power between slave states and free states.
French and Indian
A conflict in North America, lasting from 1754-1763, that was a part of a worldwide struggle between France and Britain andthat ended with the defeat of France and the Transfer of French Canada to Britain
Sugar Act
a trade law enacted by Parliament in 1764 in an attempt to reduce smuggling in the british colonies in north America
The Quakers
members of the society of friends, a religious group persecuted for its beliefs in 17th century England.
Shays Rebellion
an uprising of debt-ridden massechussetts farmers protesting increased state taxes in 1787
articles of confederation
a document adopted by the second continental congress in 17777 and finally approved by the states in 1781, that outlined the form of government of the new United States
Monroe Doctrine
A policy of US opposition to any European interference in the affairs of the western Hemisphwere, announced by president monroe in 1823.
Spoils system
the practice of winning candidates reqarding their supporters with government jobs
treaty of ghent
the 1814 treaty that ended the war of 1812