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Western economic base
south- same, plantations
north- farms
less crowded
Denmark Vessey
led a slave revolt, hanged
Nat Turner
Af. Am. preacher who led slave revolt, hanged.
Manifest Destiny John L. Sullivan
right to own land on west coast, journalist who proposed it
Mexican War, Tready of Guadalupe Hidalgo
ended mexican war, gave us utah, colorado, nevadda, mew mexico, and california
William Lloyd Garrison
wrote the Liberator, abolitionist
Tariff of Abominations
to work against England, to put a tax on imports. made norths products cheaper, but south complained and caluhoun threatened to nullify
John C Calhoun
ran for president. stateman from SC who held many government positions and supported slaveray
Sthephen Douglas
debated lincoln
Roger Taney
Justice of the Supreme Court who represented Dred Scott case but could not act in his favor although anti slavery
Missouri Compromise
admitted Missour into Union as slave state and Maine as free
Kansas-Nebraska Act
people of the territory should vote for or against slavery
States rights
have the ability to nullify against government
republican party
political party of north
border states
delaware, maryland, kentucky
Election of 1860
Lincoln had almost all electoral, no southern, and still won against two democrats, douglas and breckenridge
Fourteenth Amendment
gave all citizens basic rights
carnegie gospel of wealth
the rich man who dies rich dies disgraced
control of commodity in all aspects, price control
loose business associaction, secret
companies combine to have same price
economy of scale
as more items are produced, the cost per item goes down
collective barganing
negotiation between employers and workers, unions