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Who do Sunnis regard as the first caliph?
Abu Bakr
What was the dynasty that conquered North Africa and Spain?
Who held Palestine and the Holy Land immediately before the Crusades began?
Seljuk Turks
In what European city is a large mosque?
money for a man
Name 2 groups that invaded Europe between 800 and 1000
Mongols, Vikings
What king increased the power and income of the French monarchy from 1180- 1223?
Philip II
Which pope was the first to call for the Crusades?
Pope Urban II
WHat was the name given to the collection of Germanic states in the center of Europe which sought to control the pope's lands throughout the Middle Ages?
Holy Roman Empire
Whom did the knights of Henry II slay at Canterbury?
Thomas a' Becket
What Roman emperor simplified and collected Roman laws for the Byzantine Empire?
conquered England at Battle of Hastings?
William of Normandy
land lord gives to vassal
2 chief cities of Islam?
Mecca, Medina
What branch of Islam follows after Ali and Hussein?
Who ruled the Franks and was crowned "emperor of the Romans?"
Piero della Francesca?
writer in the Renaissance
What new thing did Florentine painters use?
law of perspective
What did Badassare Castiglione write?
"The book of the Courtier"
name 3 Italian city-states
Venice, Milan, Florence
who does Van Doren say is the originator of the revival of classical learning which led to the Renaissance?
Whose cultures did the Renaissance revive?
Greek and Roman
Who engaged in a series of public readings of Dante's "Divine Comedy" in Florence?
like reality
Whose head rested on an edition of Vergil when he died?
In what city did Petrarch turn down the opporunity to become poet laureate, and in what city did he accept?
What did Boccacio write?
Renaissance man has a scientific knowledge or educational aquaintance?
Educational aquaintance
Who painted the "Last Supper"?
Leonardo da Vinci
Who painted the "Mona Lisa"?
Leonardo da Vinci
Who did van Doren describe as a "Renaissance man par excellence"?
Pico della Mirandola
Who desired to defend 900 diff theses from the ancient world?
Pico della Mirandola
Name all 4 of Francis Bacon's "idols"
Who was born in France and had a German-speaking Latin tutor?
Did Martin Luther's father want him to be a lawyer?
Where did Martin Luther make a brilliant speech defending the ideas of the Church?
Imperial Diet of Worms
What era emphasized that ppl should read the Bible on their own and figure it out for themselves?
Protestant Reformation
What did Desiderius Erasmus write?
"In Praise of Folly"
What did John Calvin write?
"Institutes of the Christian Religion"
What emperor put Luther on trial?
Charles V
What phrase describes the Protestants gaining official recognition at the Peace of Augsburg
"cuius region, eius religio"
What did John Calvin emphasize?
Who was king during the English Reformation?
Henry VIII
What did Miguel de Cervantes write?
"Don Quixote"
Name 2 Renaissance humanists after Petrarch, Bocaccio, and Dante Alighieri.
Montaigne, Erasmus
Who developed the printing press in Europe?
Johann Gutenberg
City state vs. nation state?
City states smaller, less power
Why was there a surplus of rags for paper?
Where was Erasmus born?
What book did Erasmus compile a Greek text for?
New Testament
What did Thomas More write?
What king did Thomas More serve?
Henry VIII
Who was an Augustinian monk before becoming a professor of theology at Wittenberg?
Martin Luther
What did John Locke write?
Name an important invention for navigation
Whose court did Marco Polo visit while in Asia?
Kublai Khan's
What were Spanish explorers' primary motives?
God, gold, glory
What treaty divided the exploration of the world b/w Portugal and Spain?
Treaty of Tordesillas
What were slave ships' journeys from Africa to America known as?
Middle Passage
Who issued the Edict of Nantes?
Henry of Navarre
fleet of warships
What ended the Thirty Years' War?
Peace of Westphalia
What nation did Philip II defeat at Lepanto?
Who came after Elizabeth I?
James I
Who led the Dutch revolt against the Spanish?
William the Silent
Who were the 2 sides in the English Civil War?
Roundheads and Puritans.
Who was in Glorious Revolution?
William and Mary
ruler has total power
Who was best example of absolutism?
Louis XIV
What Russian led his country into Westernizing?
Peter the Great
Who was the most prominent mannerist painter?
El Greco
What art showed religious ecstacy?
What religion is Baroque art associated with?
What English writer is most associated with the Golden Age?
What Spanish playwright wrote b/w 500-1500 plays?
Lope de Vaga
What other book did John Locke write?
"Two Treatises of Government"
What did Thomas Hobbes write also?
Christian slaves taken for service in the sultan's armies were called?
What date did Ottomans take Constantinople?
Who were responsible for overseeing legal and educational systems of Ottoman Empire?
Shah is the Farsi term for
Safavids were what kind of Islam?
Who built the Taj Mahal?
Shah Jahan
what is lay investiture?
intallation of a bishop not by the pope
Black Plague killed what fraction of the people affected?
1/4 - 1/2
van Doren decribes Petrarch as an
autodidact (taught himself)
"I take all knowledge as my province" best describes who?
Francis Bacon
"he never wanted to be anything but a sincere, if nonaggressive Catholic" best describes
you know what someone is talking about means?
educational aquaintance
who was an important patron of the arts in Florence?
Lorenzo de Medici
who said "Paris is well worth a mass"?
Henry of Navarre when he took over (Henry IV)(Bourbon)
What did Pascal write?
what did Rosseau write?
"the Social Contract"
was Aurangzeb a tolerant ruler?
what did Mary Wollstonecraft write??
"Vindication of the Rights of Man/Woman"
what did Voltaire write?
"A Treatise on Toleration"