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High English Taxes
To finance war on Spain
Charles I: Monarchy should...
Have unlimited power and funds
Quartered in British homes
Charles I: Ignored
Charles I on Relgion
Yay Catholoscism! Everyone needs to be Catholic!
Executed in 1649
Charles i
James II
Revoked Test Act, gave the country a Catholic heir
Louis XIV did what?
Revoked the Edict of Nantes, established Versailles
Marie Antoinette:
Spent money on many palaces
France was continually ______.
Going into poverty and starving the people.
The previous harvests in France ________, and the French people _____________ to keep up with prices.
Were poor; were not making enough wages
Louis XVI:
Was a very weak ruler compared to his grandfather.
The French Parliament was:
Weak, and ignored by Louis.