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Joint Stock Company
A company funded by and run by a group of in_estors
Spanish explorers that went to South, Central and North America .
After Colombus
No Gold
Killed Indians
Indentured Ser_ant
Agreed to work for a person for a set amt. of time
Guaranteed freedom and land
Bacon's Rebellion
- Rebellion fails
- Led by Nathanial Bacon (rich but sympathetic)
- Indetured Ser_ants that were freed became large political force
-after rebellion sla_es became more used in labor
-Use of colonies and expect and more than import (balance)
-Nation will prosper if it maintaince a "+" balance of trade-exporting more than import
Salutary Neglect
Years when British were fighting French.
Colonies flourished and became independent
Triangular Trade
Trade route between Americas, Africa and Europe
Stono Rebellion
-Se_eral dozen sla_es near Charleston, S.C killed more than 20 whites
Staple Crop
-Crops in constant demand (ex. sugar and rice)
Men or women wealthy enought to hirer others to work for them
Changes in Europe during the Renaissance
Ad_ances in knowledge (technology, art and architecture)
- New Boats
- Patronage
- Na_igation School
- Mo_able type = printing
- Translating books
Christopher Colombus
- Sails for Spain
- Supposed to find direct sea route to Asia
- Italian
- Lands in S. America
Go_'t hired pirates
Albany Plan
-1st attempt to unite colonies
- regulate : indian affairs, mamnge of public lands, colonial army, taxes
- FAILS!!!!!!!!
Na_igation Acts
-series of laws
required colonies to sell certain goods ONLY to England (rice, sugar and tobacco)
- Had to use English ships
- In beginning rarely enforced
Decleration of Independence
- Lays out ideas of go_'t
- BIG step
- Wanting to emancipate US from British
Colonists who supported Britain
- Sla_ery but w. diff. name
- Spanish explorers
- 1st REAL British colony located in _irginia
- _irginia company was born
- Hardships (1. many colonists were not used to hard work; 2. Location was swampy and infested with mosquitoes; 3. Not a lot of women)
- John Smith runs and sa_es it
- ends up making platations for tobacco
First Continental Congress
- Formed a non-importation association and ceased all trade w/ G.B.
- Decided Parliament couldn't tax colonies
Second Continental Congress
Came together to discussions state
Deeply di_ided
Became go_'t
Common Sense
_ery influencial pamphlet written by Thomas Paine
- Addresses the idea to go apart from Birtain
Won't buy British goods
Benedict Arnold
- Colonist who commited treason
- Married loyalist and socialized with them
Re. war Stages 1 + 2
- North from 1776-1778
- US looses in beginning but then GW brings them to _ictory
-On X-mas crossed Delaware and suprised German Soldiers in Trenton
- Trenton-Princeton (WIN!)
- Saratoga
- South
- British gain support from African Americans and Loylists
- More Na_al battles
-Battles in open fields
Goals of exploration
- Gold
- God
- Glory
Colonial Life
- Di_ided into hierarchy
- Wealth = Land
- Occupations (Artisans, printers, farmers and fisherman, indetured ser_ants)
- Education: attendance in school was not required
- New England colonies leaders in education
-Extreme diff. between rich and poor
Cause and Effect of Re_olution
- Intolerable Acts
- 1st Continental Congress
- Non Importation
- George III's reaction
- Lexington and Concord
- 2nd CC