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The Great Awakening
Religious Revival
The Enlightenment
Intellectual revolution that advocated reason
George Washington in French and Indian War
Sent to protect land claims
Parts of the Declaration of Independence
Preamble, List of Grievances, Theory of Government, Formal Declaration
Townshend Duties
Tax on paint, lead, glass, and tea
Proclamation of 1763
No one can settle past the Application Mountains
Last battle of the Revolutionary War
Turning point of the Rev. War
Commander of Colonial Army
George Washington
Treaty of Paris
Ended the revolution
New Jersey Plan
Favored small states, unicameral legislature, 1 vote per state
Connecticut Plan
Great Compromise; bicameral legislature with one having 1 vote per state, and one with votes by population
Virginia Plan
Favored large states, bicameral legislature based on population
Author of the Bill of Rights, Father of Constitution
James Madison
Marbury Vs. Madison
Madison made a bunch of last-minute appointments of people to government agencies
Battle of New Orleans
Andrew Jackson hero, battle fought two weeks after war ended
Monroe Doctrine
Europe not allowed to settle in the western hemisphere
Precedents set by Washington
Oath of office, 2 term limit, cabinet
Democratic-Republican Positions
Small fed. government
Strict interpretation of constitution
For the common people Agriculture economy
Small fed. debt
Powerful state governments
Louisana purchase
Purchased from France for $15 million using Jefferson's Presidental Treaty Power
Federalist Party Views
Large Fed. government
Loose interpretation of the constitution
For the wealthy and powerful (high voting qualifications)
Industrial economy
Less powerful state government
American System
Kept National Bank
Large protective tariff
Alien and Sedition Acts
(Alien) - President can deport dangerous foreigners
(Sedition) - Imprison people for speaking out against the government
Frederick Douglass
Published the "North Star"
Father of Texas
Stephen Austin
Nat Turner (Rebellion)
Killed all whites he came across (with his group) for several hours
John Brown
Harper's Ferry (Kills people, storms with small army, loses)
Bleeding Kansas
People migrated to Kansas to vote on slavery (Vote basically useless)
Seneca Falls Declaration
"Declaration of Sentiments"
Women's rights
Compromise of 1850
California free
Pop. sovereignty to decide the slave issue in the rest of the land Mexico gave up
$10 million paid to Mexico
Abolition of Slave trade in DC
Fugitive slave law
George McClellan
Head of Union army (1861-2), cautious general
Bloodiest day, CSA wins
Fort Sumter
Began Civil War
Turning point in the war
Blacks who served in the Civil War
Died in Civil War
Border states
Slave states in the union (Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware)
Trent Affair
Union removes two CSA people from British ships (Later apologize)
Matthew Brady
Famous Civil War photographer
U.S. Grant Presidency
Lots of scandals because he believed people would never be bad
Compromise of 1877
Hayes is the winner, North will take troops out of the South, southerner in the cabinet, money for the south
Plessy vs. Ferguson
"Separate but equal" is constitutional