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What are some problems in Mexico?
1. Political
2. Poverty
3. Immigration
4. Infrastructure
5. Jobs
Who are Mexico's two trading partners?
The US and Canada
What does NAFTA stand for?
National American Free Trade Agreement
What did the NAFTA accomplish?
Approved lower tariffs between countries (US, Mexico, Canada)
Who is the president of Mexico?
Felipe Calderon
What is the top religion in Mexico?
Roman Catholic
Why was Cortes so successful?
1. Disease
2. Thought he was Quezacoatl
3. Firearms
4. Physiological advantage
5. Timing (harvesting)
Define Imperialism.
Nation extends its territory and takes over
Who ate the Potato?
What big change did the potato do?
Changed the European Diet
What religion did Aztecs believe in?
The potato originated where?
Andes Mountains
Who was in charge before Cortes?
Montezuma II
What is the only POW camp in the Carribean?
Guantanamo Bay
Who led the conquest of the Incas?
Prince Henry II of Portugal is significant for his what?
Support of exploration
The Portugeuse devoped a new kind of ship, the what?
Who is the charismatic revolutionary who helped Fidel Castro in Cuba?
Peter the Great built St. Petersburg largely with who?
Russian Peasents
Montesquieu, one of the enlighters postulated the idea of what?
separation of governmental powers
Leo Africanus is best known for his works of what?
descriptions of african society
in the movie the "Fog of War" who was the governmental official featured in the film?
Robert McNamara
Who is Robert McNamara?
Secretary of Defense during Vietnam
The voyages of Zheng He resulted in all the following except the introduction of who into China?
Christian Missionaries
Oppresive Iraqi ruler came into power and ruled until captured, tried and recently executed?
Name one of the Pillars of Islam
Who is Fidel Castro's brother?
Raul Castro
Who succeded Bestias?
Who led the Ottoman empire and extended it to its widest?
What was Suleiman's nickname?
The Lawgiver
Define collectivization.
State-run farms
Who is involved in the cuban missle crisis and Bay of Pigs as well was elected in 1960?
John F. Kennedy
Who was involved in the cuban missile crisis?
Who believes the president has extended powers during wartime?
Alberto Gonzalez
What was the worst natural disaster that hit the US?
Hurricane Katrina
Define Miscedgenation.
It's the "mixing" of different "races"
Why didn't they stick with indentured servants?
Wasn't a steady stream of labor
What are three reasons why they stuck with African Slaves?
1. Cheap
2. Plentiful
3. Resistant to Disease/Climate
Define mercantilism.
It's a gov. that oversees economic policies
What's Louis XI famous quote?
"I am the state"
Define Absolutism.
Supreme power rests with one individual
What was Louis XIV philosophy called?
Divine Right
What was Europe's reason to expand?
Material Profit
Name the 5 pillars of Islam and what they stand for?
1. Allah-true god
2. Salot-prayer
3. Zekot-charity
4. Ramadan-fast
5. Hodge-trip to Mecca
What's Jihad?
An inner struggle
Reason of slaves for the Europeans?
Help with supplying SUGAR!!
Who shipped blacks?
Who brought blacks through POW's, kidnapping, and raids?
Other blacks
Define castles relating to the slave trade.
Prison holding pens
What was the route the slave trade was through?
The Middle Passage
How do you justify the slave trade?
Brown vs. Board of Education declared what?
Segregation is unconstitutional
Was the slave system in place before the Europeans?
Greeks were (blank) whereas Romans had (blank)
Scientific-Greeks, Technological advances-Romans
What are the factors of AIDS?
1. Poverty
2. Ignorance of Condom Use
3. Promiscuity
What is the treatment for AIDs called?
AZT cocktail
Greeks and Romans believed in what theory?
Geocentric Theory (earth is the center of the universe)
The guy that wrote about Heliospheres and Law of Inertia?
What brings about the split of the sunni's and shiite's?
The death of Mohammad
What is the largest ethic and linguistic group without a country?
What were china's 3 major problems?
1. Large population
2. Agriculture
3. Flooding
Who set up France's finance of France's Domestic Policies?
What was the era in which explorations that weren't fully understood?
Age of Reconnaisance
What was Zheng He notorious for?
Leader of expeditions to China to develop trade
Which explorer sailed to the tip of India?
Vasca de Gama
Who explored canary islands, bahamas, "SAN SALVADOR"?
Christopher Columbus
What the purpose of an astrolabe?
to navigate and determine the sun and other stars
What were Cortes people called?
Huayana Capac
What did Emperor Zhengtong stop?
Oversea's trading and travel
Matteo Ricci was what?
Christian monk trying to convert emperor and others
What did the Ecomienda system?
crown granted the conquerors the right to employ groups of labors
Who was the first minister of the english crown and wanted to dissolve the fence and subordination of groups?
Louis created his royal court where?
Versaille an old hunting lodge
Peace of Utrecht represented what?
The limits on the extent of ones power
What is Frederick William notorius for?
Laid the groundwork for royal absolutism
"Great Elector"
What's Ivan III notorius for?
Prince of Moscow
"Absolute ruler"
Who was the head of the monarchy and dissolved parliament?
Charles II
What was Holland's joint stock company?
Dutch East India Company
Which greek philosopher said earth was the center and 2 objects fall at the same time?
What did Johannes Kepler prove?
Proved mathmatically the relations of a sun as the center
What was the Copernican theory?
Everything revolves around the sun
Who invented the Law of Inertia?
Who invented the law of universal gravitation?
Issac Newton
Who was the earliest propogandist for experimental method?
Francis Bacon
Who wrote the "Persian letters" and was into seperation of powers?
Which radical reformed society through writings of social and politics and hated religious intolerance?
What was Madame du Coudray famous for?
"Nation's Midwife" taught other midwifes through royal financing
What does OBA mean?
Elaborate court ceremony that brought the "King" stability
Which kingdom succeeded Ghana and Mali?
Kingdom of Songhay (SUDAN)
What language do people speak along east african coast and Vasco de gama kill their independence?
What is Luanda famous for?
Major trade slave port of Brazil
What was Olaudah Equiano famous for?
African Slave, wrote "Travels", about his argument for the abolition of slavery
What did Sultan Mehmet II do?
Won Constatinople and ended all turkish dynasties
Who extended Ottoman's jurisdiction?
What was the main source of reproduction in the Ottoman empire?
Who was Hurrem?
Sulieman's lady concubine and produced an heir
What was feminist Lady Mary Wortley Montagu famous for?
Educating the English about smallpox for woman rights
What was Safavid famous for?
Began the Shiite regime
Shah Abbas "The Great" built an army against who?
The Turks
Why during Shah Abbas time the height of power financially?
Carpet weaving
Which India Mughal expanded borders and made a centralized system?
Which dynasty replaced the Mogul Dynasty and was prosperus for some time?
Ming Dynasty
Who was Zhu Yuanzhang?
"Emperor"-Founder of the Ming Dynasty
Mentally ill
What was the purpose of the Civil Service Examinations?
To recruit officials to the chinese government
Who was Matteo Ricci?
Jesuit missionary that's intention was to convert the emperor then all of China
Kangxi the emperor was interested in what?
Jesuit missionaries but objected the pope in the end
Tokugawa Shogunate were the what of Japan?
They were the "military men"
Who was Oda Nobunaga?
Japanese Warlord gained power and minted coins
Who was the 1st japanese single ruler in over two centuries and succeded Oda?
What were the daimyo?
Warlords where power rested with them