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American Colonization Society
In 1817, this was founded for the purpose of freeing the slaves and sending them back to Africa
Several thousand fomer slaves setteld in....?
Liberia, on the West coast of Africa
Upland cotton
this cotton could withstand cold temperatures and was hardy enough to be grown almost anywhere in the southern states
Cotton Gin
Invented by Eli Whitney. Using this, a person could remove the seeds of fifty pounds of cotton in one day.
"Cotton is King"
a southern slogan that reaveled pride in this important crop.
Sea Island Cotton
cotton plants from egypt grown on the islands off of the coast of Geogia and south carolina. these cotton plants were so tender that they would not withstand the spring frosts of the mainland
Fourth of July
Holiday reflecting Americans' national pride
The Liberator
Abolitionist publication begun by William Lloyd Garrison proclaiming "I will be heard"
freedom from slavery
The Liberator
Abolitionist publication begun by William Lloyd Garrison
"The North Star"
Abolitionist publication begun by Frederick Douglass
"The Genius of Universal Emancipation"
Abolitionist publication begun by Benjamin Lundy
Appeal to Christian Women of the South
Abolitionist pamplet published by Angelina Grimke
Harriet Tubman
She Assisted many slaves in escaping to freedom in the North
a conductor on the Underground Railroad. She led between 200-300 slaves into freedom
Paul Cuffe
He favoered the return of blacks to Africa
after this date no more african slaves could be brought into the country and the price of American-born slaves rose rapidly.
Underground Railroad
helped escaped slaves make their way to Canada
"Peculiar Instition"
Name that southerners called slavery
Under the _________ each ________ could decide on the issue of slavery within its borders.
Constitution, State
Theodore Weld
He was a clergyman who argued for "immediate abolition gradually achieved."
Henry Highland Garnet
he was a fromer slave who argued with fiery detemination "Brethern, arise, arise!"
Nat Turner
led the bloodiest slave uprising in Southampton County, Virgina
Benjamin Lundy
a saddlemaker from New Jersxey, he became interested in abolition, was an early leader in the mvement to abolish slavery
Gabriel Prosser
a rebel slave who wanted to kill everyone in and around Richmond. He planned and gathered flollowers. Her would have succeded if two of his followers hadn't betrayed him.
Denmark Vessey
He won his freedom, and gathered followers and caused an uprising. He was betrayed and he along with 26 others were hanged
Fredrick Douglas
the most famous african American who became an abolitionist. He delivered a powerful speech about the wrongness of slavery
Sojourner Truth
a forceful speaker for abolition and women's rights. She was a former slave
Robert Purvis
a free african American in Charleston who worked on the Underground Riailroad
David Walker
PUblished an angry "appeal to the colored citixens of the world" a powerful call to action
people who wanted to end slavery in the united states. They used examples from the bible and from the declaration of independence to prove that slavery was wrong