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the man who arranged for charles II to return to England was
George Monck
parlement passed the _________ _________ which said that non Angican clergy would be allowed to set foot within 5 miles of a city
claredon code
who initially supported king james II in parlement
roughly how man people died PER WEEK of the plauge
1000 a week but 6000 a week in the summer
what helped spread the great fire in 1666
high winds
the use of tar and pitch in building houses
dry conditions
there are 3
John Milton
paradise lost
john donne
vulgar and religous poems
john bunyan
pilgrims progress-
samuel pepys
a coded diary
isaac newton
calculus and gravity
francis bacon
scientific method
william gilbert
father of modern electricity
christopher wren
St. Paul's catheidral
what did martin luther say during the diet of worms?
here i stand god help me i can do no other
2 oxford maryters were...
ridley and latimer
the _____ of _________ made henry VIII the SUPREME head of England
Act of Supremecy
the flower which represented Calvist theology
I. C.A.N.T H.E.L.P Y.O.U
Henry VIII freind and advisory whom he would later execute was
Thomas Moore
relects were...
items used by the appostles that were said to heal people an/or reduce time in purgatory
protestent leader of an early rebellion aginst mary I was
thomas wyatt
who of the following did mary NOT execute?
A) Thomas Cramner
B) Lady Jane Grey
C) hugh latimer
D) thomas cromwell
2 thrones mary stuart claimed
scotland and france
2 thrones mary stuart claimed
scotland and france
sea dog was...
an english pirate
erasumus was:
a dutch humanist
wdho was queen for 9 days following the death of Edward VI death
lady jane grey
2 things that happened at the feild of cloth and gold
henry and the king of france wrestled

treaty between france and england was made
cromwell was appointed ___________ to rule over different areas of england
Lord Protectors
john hawkins was a
English slave trader