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High school biology teacher arrested for teaching evolution.
John Scopes
Poet - Used common speech to glorify the Midwest and the expansive nature of American life through his poetry.
carl sandburg
served as an ambulance driver in WWI---writer whopresented new style in fiction that was direct, simple, and concise prose.
ernest hemingway
writer who created glamorous characters who chased their dreams ie the great gatspy
f. scott fitzgerald
1st important writer of harlem rn. -shock of racism in poetry
claude mckay
famous writer of H.R. who was as the most prolific and original
lanston hughes
pulishhed Jonah's gourd vine and their eyes were watching god
zora neale hurston
introduced jazz bcame first great solo cornet and trumpet player in jazz
louis armstrong
black leader who called for Negro Nationalism... glorified old black culures/traditions

founded the UNIA
Marcus Garvey
the president after woodrow wilson - said hed strive to achieve normalcy for Americans
Warren Harding
all of harding's friends he brought to DC and gave jobs in the white house
Ohio Gang
the secretary of the interior accused of the Teapot Dome scandal-served time in prison
Albert Fall
attorney general accused of bad administration (Alien Property Custoian)
Harry Daugherty
secretary of treasury - reduced govt. debt, tax rates and led to a stock market boom
andrew mellon