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Federal highway Act
1950's- An example of extending the new deal and govt spending and encouraging conformity through cars
Federal Employees loyalty & security program
1947- An example of how the U.S. Govt. tried to root out any kind of communism
Palmer Raids
1919-1920- An example of the culmination of repression and the govt.'s fear of revolution during and after WW1
Greer Incident
1941- An example of deceiving the American people to get them mad enough to go to war
Aimee Semple McPherson
1920's- An example of how religion brought in a culture of indulgence
Bonus Army
1932- An example of how ordinary people wanted to get more from the govt.
-An example of Hoover's demise
A. Philip Randolph
1941- An example of ordinary people pressuring the govt.
the Rosenbergs
An example of how communism became extremely controversial and caused a lot of fear in USA
Zimmerman Telegram
1917- An example of the rising belief that America's neutrality would not last
Wilson's 14 Points
1919- An example of Wilson's complete optimism in how the world could behave
Cuban Missile Crisis
1962- An example of the culmination of tensions between America & Soviet Union
Native Origins Act
1924- An example of how the govt. supported anti-ethnic prejudice
1950- An example of America's changing attitude towards fighting communism
-from paying money to others to doing it themselves
1965- An example of the beginning of the war on poverty
Title 9
1972- An example of how the playing field was being leveled between the sexes
Office of Economic Opportunity
1964- An example of how people made the govt. accountable for the poor
Montgomery Bus Boycott
1955- An example of the methods used by civil rights activists to attain their goal of integration
Our Bodies, Ourselves
1970's- An example of how awareness was raised in terms of the difference in male and female bodies
The Beats
1950's An example of the increasingly growing cracks in the consensus that was pulling America apart
War Industries Board
1917- An example of the beginning (round 2) between govt. and big business...signaling the end of the progressive era
Farmer's Holiday Association
1930's- An example of how people came together to protect their collective interests
American Plan
1920- An example of the power of big business and how it kept out unions
National Industry Recovery Act
1933- An example of how FDR was leveling the labor playing field
Voting Rights Act
1965- An example of the liberal state coming to the forefront of society
Operation Mongoose
1960's- An example of events that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
1932- An example of how Hoover only helped big business and corp. America
1972- An example of the foreign policies taken by the Nixon Administration lessen the tension between USA & Soviets
An example of USA's growing fear of the power of the Soviets
Espionage Act
1917- An example of how the govt. prevented any communication between people who were against the war
Yalta Conference
1945- An example of how the USA & Soviets fall apart and tension grows between them
1968- An example the public displeasure of USA influence in Vietnam
Bay of Pigs
1961- An example of flawed USA belief in their superiority in global warfare
Committee on Public Information
1917- An example of the govt. encouraging intolerance and hyper nationalism
Dr. Spock
1960's- An example of how conformity is being encouraged in the post WWII world
House of Un-American Activities
1940's- An example of rising tension between America and its fear of the soviets
Unemployed Councils
1930's- An example of ordinary people coming together to make a change
Miranda v. Arizona
1970- An example of extending protections to anyone including potential criminals
1965-1975- An example of how the American govt tried to show the public that the Vietnam War was small and insignificant
Truman Doctrine
1947- An example of America giving money to other nations so they could fight against communist tendancies
Michael Harrington
1960- An example of society's growing displeasure with conformity
Conservative Conservation Corps
1933- An example of FDR using Fed. money in order to employ young unemployed men
1965-1975- An example of a major problem during the Vietnam War
Potsdam Conference
1945- An example of the further amount of tension between Stalin and the west
Quarantine Speech
1937- An example of how FDR was trying to prepare the public for war
Agricultural Adjustment Act
1933- An example of how black tenant farmers were being discriminated against
1969-1970- An example of the corruption within the Nixon administration
Korematsu v. U.S.
1944- An example of internment of Japanese was permissible
Marshall Plan
1947- An example of the USA giving money to build up capitalist nistitutions
The Korean War
1950-1953- An example of the breakdown of the consensus and how America underestimated communism
The Cornell Plan
1970- An example of how the Vietnam War affected education all over USA
1915- An example of America moving closer to war
The Little Steel Formula
1942- An example of the false sacrifices that people were claiming to make