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Boston Massacre
A fight broke out over jobs.
1770 British soldiers Vs Boston Colonist
Battle of Lexington
3 to 4,000 min men take over redcoat soilders and general gage.
Battle of Bunker Hill
Advance up hill 3 times. Ran out of bullets only reason for loss.
Fance's Involement in the Revolutionary War
Sent soilders, smart generals, supplies
Advantages Colonial Army
indian ally, knowledge of terrtory, George Washington, gerrilla warfare, motivation to fight, weren't wearing bright coats
Disadvantages Colonial Army
Goin agaisnt the greatest army, lack of experience, low supplies, no central goverment, no money,
Common Sense
Thomas Pain, 50 page, bashing british, gets ppl pumped up, appealing to common man
Articles of Confederation(Power and weaknesses)
Ratified in 1781, if it is in the constitution, it was a weakness in the articles of confederation. it allowed congress to declare war. split country.
Checks and balances
makes sure everything is equal
Bill of Rights
Anti federalist supported Bill of Rights. Virgina is anti federalist also biggest.
Virginia and New Jersey Plan
V-based on pop. house of rep
N.J- equal rep. senate
creates legeslative branch
Shay's Rebellion
Mass. formers rebel lead by Daniel Shay. Makes people realize we need a stronger police force. because of tax
Whiskey Rebellion
excise tax of whiskey. farmers rebel
Thomas Jefferson Presidency
Dec. of Indepence. 1st Sec. of State, 1st democratic/republican. Louisana Purchase.*Downfall Embargo Act* Lewis and Clark expedition. Lousiana Purchase
Louisiana Purchase
15 Million Dollars
one third of the U.S.
Purpose of the War of 1812
Madison lifts Act, Trade with France&British upsets them both. British captures our ppl. We stop completely. Treaty of Gnet- 49th Parallel. # Warships
Trail of Tears
Forceful removement of all remaining indians
Tariff of 1816
Tax on imported Goods
Five Civilized Tribes
Semond Creek, Cherokee, Chikasaw, Ojbiwa,
Major Inventions and what they created
Steam engine, railroad, telegragh, cotton gin.
American System
Network of highways, roads, canal, etc,
putin a protective tariff
ressurects national branch
Adams-Onis Treaty
Gained Oregon Territory+ Flordia. Treaty with Spain
Monroe Doctrine
Any country that tried to spread its influence to the western hemisphere would be handled with military force
Protected states rights
Nat Turner
Leads a slave revolt, Killed 50 whites and over 200 slave dealths. Knows as the profit.
Agaisnt Slavery
Mechanical reaper
Syrius McCormick. Cuts wheat and plants new seeds
Seneca Falls Convention
1848. First Orginized Womans Convention. Starts Equal rights movement
Temperance Movement
Stops all Alcohol sale
Suffrage Movement
Women's right to vote
Annexation of Texas
Texas gains independence. Annexed in 1845
California Gold Rush
Get Cali farm treaty of Guadelupe 1849. Gold discoverd 49ers. 1850 becomes hidalgo
a formal withdrawal of a sate from the union
Fugitive Slave Act
starts underground railroad canada is free
Compromise of 1850
D.c. free of slavery
utah and new mexica vote 4 slavery
fugitive slave act
interstate slaves trade will not be regulated
california is a free state
Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman, a tunnel to tranfer slaves from slavery to freedom from south to north.
Uncle Toms Cabin
Harreit Beecher Stowe. opened eyes to legitamente side of slavery.
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Elminates Missouri compromise act.
Pop. Sovierginty determines fate of 2 states. free or non.
Lincoln's Presidency
Gains National Attention 1853. Lincoln Douglass debates. Believes slavery is immoral. 1860 becomes Pres. Civial War
Hapers Ferry
1859. Armory. John Brown leads 20 slaves and starts a revolt. Captures 60 hostages. Robert E Lee takes out brown
Civial War
North Vs. South
Result- frees slaves and restores union
Central Pennslyvannia. July 1st-3rd. 51,000 deaths. Union wins. Turning Point In War
Emancipation Proclamation
moral purpose to war. frees all slaves
Leneant plan to rebuild after civial war