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strong ties among family members--ensured continuation of tribal sutoms and rituals
division of labor
assignment of different tasks by gender, age or status
line of common descent
divided Christianity in western europe into catholicism and protestantism
the people Columbus first encountered--generous, friendly people (Bahamas)
Treaty of Tordesillas
Spain and Portugal divided the Western Hemisphere betwen them
nation would increase in wealth and power by obtained as much gold and silver possible and by establishing a favorable balance of trade
balance of trade
more goods are sold than bought
navigation acts
law that all allowed colonies only to trade with britain or goods that were shipped on English ships
Glorious Revolution
transfer of British monarchy from James II to William and Mary without bloodshed
salutary neglect
The English policy of relaxing the enforcment of regulations in its colonies in return for the colonies' continued economic loyalty
stono rebellion
rebellion of slaves, slaves carried guns and other weapons, were eventually surrounded, those that were caught were excecuted
Great Awakening
religious revival throughout colonies, brought many colonists, NAs, and AA into organized Christian churches
Townshend Acts
indirect tax on shipping, importing
sugar act
direct tax on molasses
boston massacre
clash between british soldiers and colonists
committee of correspondence
group of American colonists that exchanged information on british parliament and their liberties
Boston Tea party
group of Boston rebels that were dressed as indians dumped 15,00o pounds of tea in harbor
intolerable acts
set of law enacted by parliament because of the boston tea party
martial law
rule imposed by military forces---keep peace in boston
supporters of revolution
non supporters of revolution
battle of new york
colonists were outnumbered with poor equipment and untrained, british won
battle of trenton
suprise attack-americans won-washingtons soldiers re-inlisted
battle of philadelphia
seized american capital, british outnumbered americans-british won
battle of saratoga
british changed war strategy, eventually surrounded by british troops--surrendered and americans won

**led to french openly supporting patriots
valley forge
congress was too optimistic about victory and didnt pay attention to washington's desperate pleas for supplies-british won
values plunged, causing raised prices
selling scarce goods for a profit
friedrich von steuben
prussian captain, volunteered services to washinton