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land ot be governed by the league of nations until ready for independence
the wanting to make an independent Jewish state
What declaration stated britains support for the creation of a Jewish National home?
Balfour Declaration
When did the Bristish withdraw from palestine and turn it over to the UN
When did israel become its own country
Who was the first prime minister of israel
David Ben-Gurion
What is a world leader in high technology, and medical laser tech?
The gap in israel is closing between which groups?
European Jews and Sephardic Jews
What is Israel's democratically elected parliament, not one group dominates it
whats the largest minority group in israel?
What was the result of the 1967 war between Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Syria?
Jordans economy was devastated, lost the west bank
Who are associated with Christian and it holds the most power?
What was the major cuase behind the Israely invasion of lebanon?
to drive out the PLO
How was the PLO divided?
By religious groups
What is a private army of each faction
Syrian farmers are most dependent on what?
Why did Iraq consider and take Kuwait as part of Iraw?
to gain a large % of the worlds soil
sever restriction on trade wit other countries
Where is Pub Al-Khali?
Arabian Peninsula
What does OPEC stand for?
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
What is the process of removing salt from sea water so that it can be used for irrigation?
Who sets up infrastructure?
Saudi Arabia
What is infrastructure?
comprises a country's basic support system and facilities
Where is the falaj system?
what is the falaj system?
Systen of underground and surface canals
What are the series of texts that say the origin on Hinduism
What country is not only the birthplace of Hinduism but also contains the most Hindus?
What is the holiest river in India?
Ganges River
What country countains the Taj Mahal?
Who built the Taj Mahal?
Shah Jahan
What was the Taj Mahal meant for
a mausoleum for his late wife
What are the four towers surrounding the Taj Mahal called?
What is Atman?
the soul
What is Yoga?
A form of meditation designed to purify the soul
What is reincarnation?
to reborn in another living form
What is the Barhman?
the all prevading spirit of the universe
What is moksha?
unification between the Atman and Brahman
What is nirvana?
A state of spiritual bliss
What is tha Dharma?
Code of Conduct (like the ten commandments)
What is karma
the concept of spiritual balance
What does Karma have to do with the Caste System?
Your earthy conduct will dictate whether you are reborn closer to the Brahman or farther from it
What is Ahisma and how does it affect the diet of the strict hindus?
a principle of non violence. It directs Hindus toward a vegetarian diet
What is an avatar and give on example from hinduism
A god made present in human form. Rama is an example
What are t three major manifestations of Brahman?
Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva
What is Vishnu?
sustains the universe for 432 million years incarnated 10 times
What is Brahma
created the world
What is shiva?
destroys the universe
What deos the term Mahatma mean?
Great soul
What country dis Ghandi begin his civil rights?
South Africa
What country did he help india break away from?
What year did he achieve independence for india?
What is the idea of the world of illusion?
Caste system social groups
What is the caste system order?
Brahman- priests
Kshatariayas- warriers and rulers
Valsya- merchants and land owners
Sudras- common laboreres
Parians- untouchables
Who was the founder of buddhism?
Siddartha Guatama
What are the four noble truths?
there is suffering
all suffering is cuased by desire
there is a cure for suffering
the cure is prescribed by following the 8 fold path