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What are the Major problems after the fall of the Roman Empire?
Invasion, disruption in trade, downfall of cities
Benedictine Rule
Gave a set laws and a better society
Monasteries, The Purpose of
To help adapt to rural conditions
Gregory I
Became Pope, acted as mayor
CLovis Charles Martel
Franks first king, extended franks enpire through Europe, won the battle of tours
Battle of TOurs
Halted Muslim invasion
Pepin The Short
Son of Clovis, fought the lombards
"Donation of Pepin"
Gave Pope land, Became known as the Papal states.
Vikings, Method of attacking
Came from Scandinavia. Attacked in the fall to capture food and starve their enemies.
Feudal System
Brought a new social order
Lords estate
move movability on horseback
arrow loops
area where archers can shhot without exposure to enemies
Castles, the purpose of
Murder Hole
area wher things can get dropped to kill enemy soliders
protects the front gate from foot soldiers
Reason for decline in castle building
Gun powder
Chivalry-3 masters
Earthly lofd, Heavenly Lord, chosen lord
1st stage of becoming a knight
2nd stage of becoming a knight
poet or musician
Sacraments in chruch
Baptism, communism, confirmation, marriage, penance
Problems with the church by 1000
Vikings were looting the churches, priests married, positions in the church were sold
Effects of the Crusades
Weakend the popes power, weakend feudalism, death, increased trade with the west
Results of the 4 major crusades
All 4 ended in failure
Agricultural changes in the middle ages
3-field system, horses, harness
A medieval association of people working at the same occupation, in control of prices and wages
Process of becoming a guild member
aprrenticed for 5 years, journey man, and create a master piece
Magna Carta
"great charter" a document gauranteeing basic political rights
a body repressentation that makes laws for nations
A ghazi, captured Edirme
Mehment II
captured Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul
Selim the Grim
repealed Ottomans by suporting the Fatimad Mamelukes
3 Accomplishments of Selim the Grim
Graduated tax system, creates a stronger navy to compliment the Janisary, and suports arts and architecture
Suleiman the Magnificent/lawgiver
Rivaled the Hapsburg family, extended Ottoman empire to Austria
setback the rise of the Ottomans and forced them to give land back to ersia
Unifies indian Rajputs, treats all soldiers with equality, foundation for Mugal empire
Opened trade with england, increased army, controls most of empire
Started agricultural promgram, reinstated civil service exams, and kills all who chalange him
Prince Henry the Navigator
conquers crueta, uses wealth to fund navigation