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Shooting of unarmed Indian demonstrators by the British in 1919
Amritsar Massacre
Movement to grant colonies their independence
1919 Act where Britain calls for more Indian representation in govn't affairs
Chelmsford Reforms
Spiritual Leader of India's Independence Movement. Policy of passive resistance and nonviolence
Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi
Political Party that led Indian Struggle for Independence
Indian National Congress
First Prime Minister of India
First Governor-General and father of Pakistan after independence
Mohammad Ali Jinnah
Qing Dynasty, final dynasty to rule prior to revolution and WWII
Manchu Dynasty
Allied Pacific Commander, WWII. Led UN forces into Korea until 1951
Douglas McArthur
Emperor of Japan during WWII, renounced divinity in 1946
Refers to the economic recovery and expansion in Japan following WWII
Japanese Miracle
Nationalist party that opposed Communist Rule in China following the defeat of Japan
Westernized Revolutionary, "Father of the Republican China"
Sun Yat-Sen
1934-35 Under Mao, march 6000 miles through the interior of China
The Long March
Communist Leader of China from 1930's to 1976, established the government of the People's Republic.
Mao Zedong
Led the efforts to defeat the Chinese Communists and unify china, unsuccessful
Jiang Jeshi
1958-60 Economic plan to increase agricultural and industrial output
Great Leap Forward
1966-69 Movement to remove "soft" leaders, led by Mao's wife Jiang Qing
Cultural Revolution
Party leaders that Mao saw as "lazy" and straying from the ideals of revolution
Mao's wife and others who led Cultural Revolution in Chine to restore ideals
Gang of Four
1978-89 ruler of China. dismantles cultural revolution, opens up relations with the west.
Deng Xiaoping
Communist leader of Vietnam, fought for independece from France, then US
Ho Chi Minh
Battle where French were defeated, leads to end of their rule, US then takes over
Armed forces that fought against US troops in Vietnam War
President of S. Vietnam from 1955 to 1963, assassinated
Ngo Dinh Diem
Measure passed by Congress in 1964 to fund Lyndon B Johnson's war in Nam
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Nixon's policy to turn fighting over to S. Vietnamese troops and their govn't
1968- Massive invasion by Vietcong; creates more anti-war sentiment in the US
Tet Offensive
May 4, 1970- National Guardsmen killed four anti-war demonstrators
Kent State Massacre
1975: Vietnam war ends, US withdraws embassy
Fall of Saigon
Begins with telephone transmissions, later come computers and internet
Bell Labs
Valley south of SanFran where much of the computer industry is located
Silicon Valley
Leading manufacturer of micro processors
National Assn for the advancement of colored people
1954 Supreme Court Decision- desegregation of schools
Brown vs. Board of Education
Little Rock, AK. Site of unrest and disturbance following integration order
Central High School
1955: Started Mont. Bus Boycott
Rosa Parks
taught skills such as literacy and encouraged participation in the political system
Highlander Folk School
Minister, influenced by Gandhi. Leads SCLC and becomes a major voice.
Southern Christian Leadership Conf. Calls for an end to racial discrimination
Baptist Minister and civil rights leader from Birmingham, AL
Fred Shuttlesworth
SNCC- student activists, voter registration
Student non violent coordinating commission
suspended voter tests, authorized federal supervision of voter registration
Voting Rights Act of 1965
Magazine write of Ms. Magazine, aimed at modern women and liberation
Gloria Steinem
NOW, advocates women's equality
National Organization for Women
1972, constitutional amendment passed by Congress, states fail to ratify
1973 Supreme Court Case, rules that abortion is legal and the decision rests with women
Roe vs. Wade
Early pioneer of Modern Music
Elvis Presley
American President, made initiatives to deal with L. America- civil liberties
Jimmy Carter
President of Egypt after nasser's death. Initiated a program to encourage foreign investment and private enterprise
Anwar Sadat