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what is a cartographer
a map maker
What is history as an event
Its a big Event that was in the past
What is history as an account
It's small and its made by someone in the present
What factors shape accounts or representation
opinion, backround, interest, skillds, respect, personal experience, material tools, values opinion, job, aims
What are the largest lakes
Lake Victoria and Nyasa
What is the SAHEL
countries under platetectonics
What were camels used for
Eating , making blankets, and a way of transportation
What were the 3 climates of Mali
The sudanic zone the Sahelian zone and the Saharan zone
What does Mali mean?
Where the kind resides
When was the famous pilgrimage
In 1324 A.D 12,000 slaves in silk carrying bards of gold
When was the rise of Islam
A.D 600-1300