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Zimmermann note involved a prposed secret agreement between who?
Germany and Mexico
two countries
September 24, 1869, involved the cornering of what market?
The Gold market
Black friday
The central powers in World War Two included who?
Germany, Austia-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria
What was the first "talkie" motion picture?
The Jazz Singer
Type of music
On April 9, 1914, American sailors ventured into Mexican Restricted Area causing what?
The Tampico Incident
type of incident
General John J. Pershing was ordered to Mexico to catch what bandit?
Doroteo Arango
After World War I, Senator Gerald Nye's commission investigated what?
War Corruption
has to do with War
In the 1920'smost Americans assumed that prohibition would be what?
opposite of temporary
jazz was invented by what race?
Black Americans
were oppressed in the 20's
where did most of the money come from to support world war I/
get them from banks