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china's most influencial scholar
taught about 5 basic relationships
helped reform china's society
filial piety
respect for elders and for parents
one of confucius' 5 relationships
founded by laozi
6th century bce
nature--big human--small
work w/ nature not against it
government should stay out of way of nature
founded by lisi and han feizu
3rd century bce
humans are evil---solution--harsh punishments and generous rewards
king w/ lots of authority
qin dynasty
replaced zhou dynasty
legalist ideas
3rd century bce
qin shi huang di
qin ruler
unified china
standardized china
standardization of china
stand. writing
stand. currencey(banliang)
stand. units of measurement
created set of laws for all china based on legalism
built roads
unification of china
developed one of the strongest armies w/ help of lisi
concerd all his rivals
changed from feudalism to bueacracy
divided china into 36 states governed by civil governor (laws&agriculture),military governor(armies)and imperial overseer (spy)
great wall of china
wanted ppl to stay in and out
connected already built walls
300,000 workers-1,500 miles long
20ft wide-10years to build
many died of exhaustion and were buried in the wall
did not work
founded by congfucius
6th century bce
1.filial piety
2.son obeys dad
3.subject obey emperor
4.wife obeys husband
5. ppl learn through education

government should be made up of most qualified
need education to pass