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industrial process designed to produce a great number of items to be sold to the public on a large scale
mass production
when a worker, as a condition of employment, promises not to join a union
yellow dog contracts
workplace in which one had to be a union member to gain employment. craft unions began using these to keep out incompetent and lower wage workers
closed shop
middle class professionals who are salaried workers. ranks composed of lawyers, engineers and chemists
white collar labor
founded as secret society of garment workers in philadelphia. it ended to set up factories and shops that would be owned and run by the employees
knights of labor
led the ideological assualt on the knights. was a labor leader president of the AFL
samuel gompers
led by samuel gompers, formed from having failed to persuade the knights to desist from union activity
led by carnegie, marked the beginning of the end for trade unions in the steel industry
homestead strike
leader of ARU. directed members not to handle pullman sleeping cars, which were owned and serviced by the pullman company
eugene v. debs
expert on metal cutting methods. believed that the engineers approach might be applied to scientific management
frederick taylor
worked for the pennsylvania railroad and then struck out on his own as an iron manufacturer
andrew carnegie
new system of production. called "mass production". was given this name by this person
henry ford
bombing in chicago. police killed and anarchists sent to jail
haymarket bombing
bankrupted firms, railroad came to halt, and people lost jobs
panic of 1873
western federation of minors and socialists
industrial workers of the world
eugene e. debs directed members not to handle pullman sleeping cars, which was a secondary boycott. since railroads insisted on runing the pullman cars, a strike spread across the country
the great pullman boycott
people protested wage cut
railroad strikes
manual labor
blue collar labor
announced that the company wouldno longer deal with the association of iron and steel workers
henry frick
created enterprise and pioneered vertical integration
gustavus swift