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Hinton R. Helper
auther of "The Impending Crisis of the South"
William Pitt
pittsburg is named after him
J.W. Booth
- murdered prez abe
general in civil war
"scorched earth"
Z. Taylor
A president who was during the gold rush, California slave thingy
Gibbons v. Ogden
"steamboat monopoly" boosted gov power over interstate trate
"quebec in french and indian war" Establishing brit role in canada
English military leader

His 1781 defeat by a combined American-French force at the Siege of Yorktown is generally considered the end of the War,
Obiter Dictum
You cant mess with people in courts if they dont fall under that law.
Tenure of Office Act
enacted over the veto of President Andrew Johnson,
the power to remove from office anyone who had been appointed or approved by the United States Senate unless the removal was also approved by the Senate
Henry Clay
Founder of the Whig Party and a leading advocate of programs for modernizing the economy (such as factories, canals, railroads and banks).
S. Douglass
battles lincoln in debates
Dartmouth College vs. Woodworth
if it was legal when written then it is legal
Old Deluder satan Act
publican education is a need
Compromise 1877
1) The removal of all Federal troops from the former Confederate states.

2) The appointment of at least one Southern Democrat to Hayes' cabinet
George Grenville
imposed the stamp tax
William Howe
main British General in American Revolutionary War
Slidell was sent to Mexico, by President James Knox Polk, to negotiate an agreement whereby the Rio Grande River
T. Stevens
Radical Republicans help rebuild the south. Promotied Education
Henry VIII
T. Paine
Wrote Common Sense
Sr Walter Raleigh
He was responsible for establishing the first English colony in the New World, on June 4, 1584, [2] at Roanoke Island in present-day North Carolina.
founded by joseph smith
Breeds hill
bloodiest battle of american Revolutionary war
commander of the French forces in North America
Kansas Nebraska Act
The act established that settlers could decide for themselves whether to allow slavery ( popular sovereignty )
McCulloch v. Maryland
Cant tax the govornment
Treaty of Paris
Ended American Revolution
Specie Circular
It required payment for public lands be in gold and silver specie.
Rush Bagot
take away armed forced at US Canada Border
the founder of the Standard Oil Company and the family dynasty
George Calvert
AKA lord Baltimore
13, 14, 15 Amendments
13- outlaws slavery
14- contains the "due process" and "equal protection" clauses.
15- anyone can vote
Laissez Faire
fair trade
John Jay
passed jay treaty which averted war between us and britian in the revolutionary war
James Madison
-The Federalist Papers
-"Father of the Constitution."
- President
- Bill of Rights
Alexander Hamilton
ultimate federalist
Patrick Hentry
ultimate republican
John Hancock
first Governor of Massachusetts;
Sam Adams
-massachusetts Patriot American Rev time - Republican
Richard Henry Lee
pennsylvania guy - articles of confederation
William Paterson
Rhode Island
most liberal of all states
- founded by roger williams
Judicial Review
In many jurisdictions, the court has power to strike down a statute, overturn an official action, or compel an official action, if the court believes the constitution so requires
Judiciary Act of 1789
created the Supreme Court and gave Congress the power to establish inferior courts.
hamilton/ Jeff
Hamilton- Federalist
Jefferson - Republican
Jay Treaty
Jay- By John Jay
Assumption Act
Aaron Burr
dueled hamilton to his death

Tried some crazy conspiracy dumb stuff
Sedition Act
By John Adams - Federalist

_ cant speak out against govornment and stuff like that
Naturalization Act
increased the amount of time necessary for immigrants to become naturalized citizens
XYZ affair
Us being weird with the french cause they are bein dumb
Berlin & Milan Decrees
No country can trade with Britain
Orders in Council
No Country can Trade with France
Pinckney Treaty
It also defined the boundaries of the United States with the Spanish colonies and guaranteed the United States navigation rights on the Mississippi River.
Treaty of Ghent
just ended war of 1812, returned to status quo
Hartford Convention
The Hartford Convention was an event in 1814 in the United States during the War of 1812 in which New England's opposition to the war reached the point where secession from the United States was discussed.
Macon's Bill No. 2
o stop seizing American vessels during the Napoleonic Wars.
Embargo Act
law prohibiting all export of cargo from American ports.
Enumerated Clause
extra powers