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What were the main causes of imperialism?
2-Social Darwinism
What was the boxer rebellion?
When the martial arts Chinese targeted areas of influence out of resentment towards other countries. It took 16,000 troops not even from China to fight off the Chinese.
What was the Open Door Policy and who made it?
John Hay said that (out of hope to get some of China) all countries should reaffirm Chinese sovereignty and throw open spheres of influence to competition.
Who was part of the Triple Entente?
3-Great Britain
What were the Major occurrences of the 1917 Russian Revolution?
1-The Bolsheviks took over Russia and issued a pamphlet that explains its goals
2-Started with Socialism but planned to end with no gov't
3-"Bolsheviks" are changed to "Communists"
What were the major tenets of the Versailles Treaty?
1-Germany stripped of all colonies and land gains
2-Germany stripped military
3-Rhineland patrolled for 15 years
4-Article 231--guilt clause
5-New Nation states
6-League of Nations
ID Gregori Rasputin
He was trusted by Alexandra to heal over and over again Alexandra and Nicholas II's son. He was made out to be almost prophet-like, but he really was very immoral.
What is the New Economic Policy?
This was brought about by V.I. Lennon. It was supposed to be a brief injection of capitalism to get everyone on their feet again (small business owners) but ended up lasting 7 years.
ID Benito Mussolini
Known as the father of fascism. Believed in a one-party dictatorship. He hated socialists.
What occurred during the 5 year plans?
1928-1933: Collectivization of agriculture
1933-1938: Industrialization
1938-1943: Pressure on women to support nationalism
ID Franklin Roosevelt
The US president through the great depression and WWII. He created the New Deal to jump-start the economy
ID Josip Broz (Tito)
He was known for leading over 250,000 people to resist Hitler's authority. He created the Croatia Communist party
ID Adolf Hitler
He murdered over 11 million people through his gruesome purge of anyone not devoted to the German and Aryan race. Especially Jews.
What were the causes of the Spanish Civil War?
1-Hitler annexed Austria to Germany
2-Hitler annexed Sudetenland to Germany
How shall metal shop machinery maintenance be attempted?
with the machine shut down and the control switch locked out/tagged out

CGTO PG-85-00-110 ch 2
What were the distinct causes of WWI?
1-Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
2-Alliance Systems
4-Countries' vendettas
What were the distinct effects of WWI?
2-Borders were changed
3-Cynicism towards governments
4-Merging of social classes
5-10 million deaths at least
ID Georges Clemenceau
The French war leader who had a part in the signing of the Versailles Treaty. Didn't get along with Woodrow Wilson.
Who was part of the Triple Alliance?
3-Austria-Hungary Empire
Brought together by Bismark
What went on at the Berlin Conference?
Between King Leopold II of Belgium, Portugal and Russia it established new procedure for future African acquisitions. Rule was no taking or giving guns to Africans.
Define the Von Schlieffen Plan
Germany's offensive campaign by sweeping through Belgium to France, causing Germany to gain a bad reputation. Also starts Trench warfare.
What was the role of women during WWI?
They were to help in the war by enlisting, working in some area of the war, keeping morale up by supporting soldiers, keeping kids well.
What was said in the Kellogg-Briand Pact?
It outlawed war, but didn't outlaw militarism and there was no way to enforce this law. 23 countries signed this pact.
ID the Dawes Plan
It was a stimulus that restructured deficit to a lower payment and interest rate.
ID Treaty of Locarno
1-Between GB, France, and Germany
2-Promised never to go to war against each other ever again
What were the 4 long-term causes of the Great depression?
1-Over production
2-Lack of Regulation
3-Trade Barriers
*short term causes*...Stock market plummeted
What were the three points in the Lateran Agreements?
1-Gave $87 million to the church
2-Vatican separates so it's the smallest country in the world
3-All Italian marriage laws conformed to catholicism
What was "Mein Kampf"?
Meaning My Struggle, it is the book that Hitler wrote while in prison. It was like the Nazi "Bible"
ID Heinrich Himmler
Leader of the SS and fully devoted to Hitler.
ID the Enabling Act
It gave Hitler the right to make all treaties for Germany for the next 4 years. He can make all decisions for Germany.
What occurred at Kristalnacht?
-"night of broken glass"
-Nazis ransacked Jews' places, synagogues, etc.
-Jews got $400,000 for replacements but had to give it back because they had to pay "for being Jews"
ID Joseph Stalin
He was in charge of "the Great Purge" which killed 300,000 people and forced 3-7 million into camps.
What were Kulaks?
They were anti-communists who refused to send items to cities and got killed for this act of resistance.
What were the causes of WWII?
2-Germans invaded Poland
3-the growth of different pacts and bitterness
What were the effects of WWII?
1-Millions upon millions of deaths
2-Pearl harbor
What was D-Day?
2.2 million soldiers came onto 5 Normandy beaches to attack. Germans became blocked in 3 directions.
What was significant about Wilson's 14 points?
1-It was his goal to structure America's war goals and it was meant to stop all wars
2-Involved the League of Nations, which he proposed at the treaty of Versailles
Define Totalitarianism
Government has total control over area or modern authoritarian where government controls all facets of people's lives.
What is Blitzkrieg warfare?
When you use bombs to kill. Also means lightening warfare. It was used by Germany to terrorize the French.
What was the Nazi-Soviet Pact and what did it say?
It was a pact between the Nazis and Soviets that was a pact of non-aggression between the two. Hitler, however, had no intention of keeping this pact.
What was the Lend-lease Act?
The right to give help to any country that would be vital to the US's survival. Allowed FDR to lend or lease anything to other countries for the better of the US.
ID Winston Churchill
The GB prime minister who begs for help from FDR in the war.
ID Tripartite Pact
Between Rome, Berlin, and Tokyo that they would help each other out in times of need.
What happened at Pearl harbor?
Japanese attacked at Pearl Harbor and killed 2300 people in a matter of 2.5 hours. December 7th, 1941.
What did the Nuremburg Laws enforce?
It made Jews 2nd class citizens and Jews had certain rules about curfews, who they could marry, what they had to wear to show they were Jews, etc.
What was Hitler's "final solution"?
To exterminate "subhumans" by having them dig their own graves and then shooting them into them. Another name for the holocaust...eventually they just stuffed them into gas chambers.
What happened at Hiroshima?
The US bombed it after giving Japan their last chance at surrender. 100,000 people were killed by that first A-bomb.
What happened at Nagasaki?
The second A-bomb was dropped because Stalin started moving closer to Germany. IKE didn't want him anywhere nearer to them.
ID Neville Chamberlain
British prime minister who offered to be negotiator between Hitler and Sudetenland.
What were the Munich Agreements?
They were between Hitler, Chamberlain, Mussolini, French Premiere, and President of czech. where Hitler gave his final demand that he was right then and there annexing Sudetenland.
What was the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?
Said that to get out of the war Russia had to lose 1/3 of the land, population, and factories and 75% of coal and iron deposits.
What were Bolsheviks?
They were radical Marxists and later took the name Communists
ID Vladimir Lennin
Leader of Bolsheviks. Together they take over Russia. They planned to start Russia with dictatorship and end with no government.
ID John Maynard Keynes
Wrote The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money. He came up with Keynesian Economics-use deficit spending to keep economy moving.
What did the Balfour Declaration state?
That England would look favorably upon a new Jewish homeland in Palestine
ID General Francisco Franco
Led the Spanish military into the Spanish Civil War and then established a dictatorship until the time of his death.
ID David Lloyd George
Britain's (of Wales) orator who was involved in the Versailles Treaty
ID Reinhard Heydrich
General of the SS who was very Loyal to Hitler. He partnered with Himmler.
ID Battle of Britain
Germans wanted to gain air superiority over Britain with their Royal air force. Hitler meant to launch Operation Sea Lion if he got air superiority.