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Who were the three progressive presidents?
1. Theadore Roosevelt
2. Taft
3. Wilson
Freedom of Contract
The freedom to negotiate your own terms for empolyment
Closed Shop
A workplace where all employees must belong to a union
Open Shop
A non-union workplace
the system under which the government or workers cooperatives own most factories
ex. Upton Sinclair: The Jungle
ban on the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol and the closing of nation's saloons
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
dedicated to ending racial discrimination
a process of preparing forign born residents for full US citizenship
Direct Primary
a nominating election inwhich voters choose the candidates who later run in a general election
17th Amendment
gave voters the power to elect senators directly
United Mine Workers
Roosevelt helped the mine workers with their strike
-got shorter days, increase wages
Wisconsin Idea
Mann-Elkins Act
extended regularoty powers....telephone and telegraph
16th Amendment
permitted congress to levy taxes based on indivdual's income
The Payne-Aldrich Tariff
high tariff measure signed by Taft
Ballinger-Pinchot affair
incident in which Taft fired Pinchot as head of US Forestry Service for critizing Ballinger's approva of the sale of Alaskan Land
Progressive party
"Bull Moose Party"
Underwood Tariff Act
which reduced tariffs to lowest level in 50 years-introduced graduated income tax
19th Amendment
Gave women the right to vote
Keating-Owens Child Labor Act
law that outlawed the interstate sale of products produced by child labor..BUT was declared unconstitutional by supreme court
Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
presidents f National American Woman Suffrage Association
Eugene Debs
candidate for the presidential election for the socialist party
quest for colonial empires
McKinley Tariff
Hurt the sugar
Ended Hawaii's position in sugar trade
Spheres of Influence
In China US has no spheres of influence, parts people owned
Open Door Policy
John Hay's idea so that everyone has access to China
The Open Door Policy is to Asia as the Monroe Doctrine is to the __________________.
Western Hemisphere
USS Maine
American ship, protecting people in Cuba, got blown up, Spain got fame and got clamed.
Teller Amendment
Once Cuba is free from Spain, US doesn't control Cuba
The Treaty of Paris 1898
-Cuba is independent and Spain gives up P.C. and Guatamala
2. Spain gives up the Philippines and gets $20 million
Platt Amendment
made Cuba a protectorate
Central Powers
Germany, Austria-Hungry, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria
Allied Powers
Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and US, Russia left in 1917
Treaty of Brest Litousk
Between Russia and Germany
-Russia promises to give Germany a whole bunch of their land but it doesn't happen because Germany loses
The Sussex Pledge
promise issued by German officals not to sink merchant vessels without assuring passengers safety
4 Fronts in WW1
War at Sea
Wilson's 14 points
"If you stop fighting...
-No more war
-Self-determination of nations
-World peace and orginization
Cease fire
-signed by French and Germans
-Terms were harsh
Treaty of Versailles
Remap Europe
reparation-Germany is blamed for war and has to pay for it
Mandates-colonies are now an area
League of Nations is created
Henry Ford
lowered the cost of his cars by using scientific management practices
-Model T
-Assembly Line
Volstead Act
passed by congress in 1919 to enforce the amendment
Al Capone
21st Amendment
repealed Prohibition
Bank Holiday
New Deal proclamation that temporarily closed every US bank to stop massive withdrawals
New Deal
FDR's programs to help restore the US economy during the depression
Agricultural Adjustment Administration
(AAA) Federal agency created by Agricultural Adjustment Act to reduce famer's output and increase crop prices
Social Security Act
Law that provides retirement pensions, unemployment insurance, and payment to people with disabilities and widows and children of male workers
Wagner-Connery Act
National Labor Relations Act; law that guaranteed labor's right to organize unions and to bargain for better wages and working conditions
Dust Bowl
Name given to parts of the Great Plains in the 1930's after a severe drought struck the region
Midwestern artists popular in the 1930's who stressed local folk themes
National Industrial Recovery Act
Federal law designed to encourage economic growth by suspending antitrust laws and eliminating unfair competition between employers--unconstitutional
President Franklin Roosevelt
President during WWII
Wanted good relations with Russia
Commanded the Allied Forses
Douglas MacArthur
-I will return: said to the Phillppines
Winston Churchill
Prime Miniser of Great Britain
-Part of the Atlantic Charter
"British Bulldog"
by Russians
Charles De Gaulle
French Prime Minister
Joseph Stalin
Communist dictator from Russia
Holocaust. Germany
Fascist dictator
prime minister of Japan
Pope Pius XII
did nothing
information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause
War Bonds
a type of savings bond sold during the war to help fund a nation fund of war
japanese-american's forced into internment camps
Internment Camps
Japanese forced into camps during pearl harbor
-Tokyo Rose
Rosie the Riveter
symbol of patriotic female defene workers during WWII
Once WWI ended people were faced with restrictions on what and how much they could buy
income remains high but consumer items are available for people to buy
Evian Conference
32 countries together to decide where Jewish refugees could escape to
withdrawal from world affairs in the 1920's and 1930's
reducing the size of a country's milita
Washington Conference
an international conference held in DC.
Focused on naval disarmament and Pacific security
Good Neighbor Policy
FDR's forgeign policy of promoting better relations with Latin America through mutual respect
Lend-Lease Act
law that allowed the US to offer weapons and other war supplies to the Allied Powers to fight against the Axis Powers in WWII
Atlantic Charter
Pledge signed by Roosevelt and Churchill not to acquire new territory as a result of WWII and to work for peace afer the war
Third Reich
Hitler's government that claimed dicatorial powers
Nazi Party
created by Hitler in 1932
Nazi storm troopers, known by the color of their shirts, crushed all political opposition
hatred of Jwish people
"The Night of Broken glass"
Munich Conference
meeting between British, French, German, and Italian leaders in which Germany was given control of the Sudetenland in exchange for Hitler's promise to make no more claims on Europe territory
Hitlers 3 mistakes?
1. Breaking the Munich Conference
2. Stop bombing at the Battle of Britain
3. underestimating the USA
Nonagression Pact
agreement between Hitler and Stalin not to attack one another and to divide Poland
Vichy Government
What the Germans took over France
France was freed from Germany's power