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1. The body of writing on a particular historical event. 2. The process or technique behind writing a historical event.
the process of interpretation
primary source
a document written by someone who was present or from the same time period of a historical event
secondary source
a document from any other time period other than the period in which the event took place
took a fleet of ships towards what he thought was Asia and ended up in North America
claimed to make voyages between North and South America and wrote extravagant stories about the trips, though it is questioned whether he really went
first to circumnavigate the earth. it took about three years.
Spanish beaurocrat in Cuba who went to Mexico to take it over. Indians helped him fight the aztecs because everyone hated them. Eventually, small pocks did most of his work.
Conquered the Incas to take Peru.
Estates that were divided by the Spanish in South America
De Las Casas
Advocate for Indian rights. Moves back to Spain and joins the catholic church.
Explored the gulf of St. Lawrence and was the first to make claims for land in the name of the French.
La Salle
Looks for the Mississippi
The 5 C's
Contact, Contagion, Conquest, Commerce, Colonialism
Sails up the Eastern Coast of North America for England
The London Company
a group of men working to start colonization. colonized jamestown
men who were part of the upper class and were not actually allowed to work
headright system
for every person you pay to come to America, you get 50 acres
house of burgesses
the first representative group in America
indentured servitute
someone would pay a poor person's way to Virginia and in exchange, they would become a servant/slave for seven years. after their seven years, they would be released with only the clothes they were wearing
did not start out as hereditary (people's children are automatically slaves). was originally a form of punishment. slavery already existed when the portuguese encountered africans.
west africans
believed in many gods. men and women shared agricultural responsibility. believed in the veneration of their ancestors.
1622 Indian war
when the indians came into the colony and acted like they just wanted to hang and then at an orchestrated time, they all just went crazy and started killing as many english as they could. English then lured the Indians into town with a banquet and promise of a peace treaty and they had poisoned the food.
Massachusetts colony
is the norther version of Virginia, except that where Virginia was founded for profit, Mass. was founded as a religious venture, mainly puritan.
the first people to separate themselves from puritanism and settled in Plymouth
founded the city of Boston
Massachusetts Bay Co.
a group of people planning on moving away from England and starting a brand new society
only people who can vote when they arrive in the new world. essentially, they are the equivalent of modern day stock holders. There were like less than ten people in the whole colony who could vote and then they figured out that was stupid so they decided that only church members could vote. However, it was really difficult to become a church member.
governing body
consisted of a governor, deputy governor and a court of assistants
court of deputies
comparable to the lower house of congress. together with the governing body, they are called the General Court.
is a friend of Winthrop and comes to be a minister, but then when his views differ greatly from those of most people and people want to arrest him, he moves to Rhode Island and starts a colony of religious freedom. Basically, he founds the first baptist church, but then decides he doesnt believe in that and eventually decides that only him and his wife are true christians.
Woman who is an extreme Calvinist and said that works had nothing to do with salvation.
God talks to individual people
Pequot War
First Indian war. Started over a murder case where a Pequot Indian killed a different Indian. The war lasted two years and was really bloody and brutal.