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Accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson
alien & Sedition Acts
Marbury vs. Madison
Louisiana Purchase
Election of 1800
4 accomp.
Accomp. of James Madison
Marbury vs. Madison
War of 1812
2 accomp.
Leader of Mormons
Brigham Young
Last name Young
Reason for Mormon's sucess
industry & regulatin of water rights
2 reasons
Settling place for Mormons
Salt Lake City, Utah
State=utah (whats the city?)
Who started Mormon religion?
last name= Smith
Young's position
head of mormons (church and gov't)
what did he do?
Mormon's 'guidlines'
Law of Prior Appropritations
What were they called?
Law of Prior Appropriations
persons first using water claims water rights of that source
what was the law?
Who was Cinque
led slave rebellion on Amistad (victorious)
african american, now answer what he did
Who was Dred Scott?
sued for his freedom of slavery, failed`
he failed
Reason for Dred Scott case
he heard about Amistad case and how Cinque won
Amistad case
Who was Justice Taney?
Cheif Justice--ruled against Scott in Scott vs. Sanford
has something to do w/ dred scott
Alien & Sedition Acts: ALIEN (how did it become a law?)
federalists pushed law through congress
ALIEN: who was it aimed @?
people thought to be undermining gov't for France
2 kinds of people
SEDITION: what was the law?
Outlawed conspiracies against gov't (and attempts to start riots)
SEDITION: why was law abolished?
Went against *******
SEDITION: who was it aimed at?
Marbury vs. Madison:
_____ ruled _____ marbury
Chief Justice Marshall, against
What did Marbury vs. Madison establish?
power of supreme court to declare an act of Cong. unconstitutional
What were the Riparian Rights?
property owners whose land bordered stream/river had right to steady flow of water in stream; may use water reasonably
What came first, Law of Prior App. or Riparian Rights?
Riparian Rights
reason for Law of Prior App.
Young opposed rights, mormons needed to dam rivers for irrigation
Tariff of Abomination: what was it?
law imposing high duties/tariffs
Who called the law "Tariff of Abominatin'?
people that opposed the law
Missouri Compromise: what did it allow?
Missouri to become a slave-state
How did Missouri Comp. affect Maine?
Maine became free state (balanced it out)
Who cancelled Missouri Compromise? Why?
Chief Justice Taney. Ruled it was unconst. (violation of Fifth Amendment)
What replaced Missouri Comp?
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Kansas-Nebraska Act: what was the law?
Law allowing the question of slavery in Nebraska territory to be decided by popular sovereignty (voting)
What did Kansas-Nebraska Act create?
Nebraska & Kansas territories
What was the Emancipation Proclamation?
Decree issued by Lincoln freeing all slaves in South
What was Union?
USA, North
Whats was Confederacy?
Confederate States of America (South)
UNION: type of gov't (rules)
CONFED: type of gov't (rules)
UNION: who had the most power?
Federal Gov't
CONFED: who had most power?
UNION: General
Ulysses Grant
CONFED: General
Robert E. Lee
CONFED: # of states
War of 1812: What battles/incidents took place?
Burning of Washington
Defense of Baltimore
Battle of New Orleans (after war)
Burning of Wash: Who created fire? Why?
British. Didn't want to own America, just defeat it
Burning of Wash: Who save the portarit? What was his/ her religion?
Dolly Madison. Quaker
Defense of Baltimore: Why did it occur?
British wanted Baltimore. America defending it
Why was Baltimore fought over?
Was in the harbor @ the head of Chesapeake Bay. Whoever had control decided who/what could enter/leave
How did America defend Baltimore?
Sent ships to Fort Henry (gaurded entrance to harbor)
Why was Defense of Baltimore so important?
Showed our determination
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?
Francis Scott Key
Battle of New Orleans- What was the major mistake?
It took place when war already over. The battle was not planned
Battle of New Orleans: Who was our General?
Andrew Jackson
Who did we fight against in Battle of New Orleans?
Fort Sumter: Which side controlled it?
Fort Sumter: Why is it so important?
Confederacy fired on fort, began Civil War
Fort Sumter: What was the result? Who did it?
Fort surrendered by Maj. Anderson
What took place at the Appomatox Court House?
Lee and Grant met, Lee surrendered to the Union
War of 1812: What peace treaty was signed?
Peace of Ghent
War of 1812 (1815): What was the name of the agreement reached?
Rush-Bagot Agreement
Rush-Bagot Agreement: Who was it between? What was the agreement?
British & US. removed trade restrictions between the 2, neither would maintain warships in Great Lakes, & border btwn Canada & US would remain unfortified
Mexican War: What treaty was involved?
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Who benifited the most from the Treaty od Guadalupe Hidalgo?
geographically speaking, what was the Louisianna Purchase?
all land betwn Mississippi River & Rocky Mnts.
Who did we buy the Louisianna Purchase from?
How did US benefit from the Transcontinental Treaty?
Spain gave FLorida to US
Gadsden Purchase- Who did we buy it from?
Why was the Gadsden Purchase good land?
was good for building a railroad
Who opposed the Gadsden Purchase? Why?
Southerners. Didn' t want a northern rail line
Name 1 foreign policy statement
Monroe Doctrine
What are the 3 most importent statements of the Monroe Doctrine?
US wouldn't interfere w/ any European colony in N or S America, US would go to war with any European Country that starts colony in US, US not become involved in solely European affairs
Elect. of 1800- who were the candidates (& their party)
Jefferson (republicans)
Adams (federalists)
Elect. of 1848- candidates & their parties
Zach Taylor (Whig)
Cass (democrat)
Van Buren (free soul)
What was the issue for the elect of 1848?
whether slavery should be permitted in areas acquired after mexican war
Elect of 1860- candidates & their parties
Lincoln (Republican)
Stephen Douglas (Democrat)
John Breckenridge (S. Demo)
John Bell (const. union)
Issue for elect of 1860
slavery in the territories