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What did the Zealots believe?
The Zealots urged violent opposition to Roman rule
Which king allowed the Israelites to retun to Jerusalem
Cyrus, king of Persia
What barbaric country dud Julius Caesar conquer for Rome? and what significance did this have for Christianity
Julius conquered Gaul. The political and language unification of the country made it easier for Christianity to spread.
At the time of the dispersion, where did Peter tell the apostles to go?
Throughout the known world
What did the Essenes believe?
They went to the desert to await the Messiah because they believed that all Jews had forsaken God
Conquered Judah
What did the Sadducees believe?
This group centered on the Temple and cooperated with Herod and the Romans
Known as the birthday of the church because it was the day the Apostles were transformed into courageous men for Christ by the Holy Spirit
What did the Pharisees believe
Made extra-strict interpretation of the law of Moses
Examples of Athen's Golden Age
The parthenon, the Acropolis, Sophocles, Euclid's geometry, Socrates, and Aristotle
Who were the Machabeeans fighting and why were they fighting?
The Greeks; the Greeks set up idols all over jeruslaem and forced the Jews to offer sacrifices to them
Dates before writing was invented
Prehistoric times
The record of events which have made a difference in the world
The two divisions into which dates are placed which represent the days before and after the birth of Christ
AD and BC
Pagan gods, brought into Israel by Jezebel, which demanded the killing of children as a sacrifice
Baal and Astarte
After Alexander's death, what happened to the kingdom
It was divided into 5 parts, 3 of which were the most important powers
The first king of Israel
Athens used this form of government which made it unique among ancient civilizations. It was one in which all citizens made the laws and set policy for the city
Pure democracy
Led the Israelites after Moses
The persecutions that took place during the reign of Diocletian was because of what
The influence of Galerius
The most important event that ever happened
The Incarnation of Jesus
During what battle was te temple demolished?
Between the Zealots and the Romans
Who were the Romans fighting in the Punic Wars? Where were the battles taking place?
The Phoenicians or Carthaginians; battles took place in Carthage and Italy
Why did Jesus change Simon's name to Peter
Peter means Rock and He intended Peter to be the foundation stone on which the Church would be built
Conquered Israel
The Assyrians
Has fewer books because it includes only those books originally written in Hebrew
Protestant Bible
Wo was the first apostle to suffer martyrdom
James the Greater
Victorius after the Persian Wars
What was Alexander the Great's greatest feat?
Uniting the East to the West
The Roman emperor who hated the Christians and persecuted them and sent them to the Circus to be persecuted in front of the Roman citizens
Consisted of the years 800-899
Ninth Century
Where Alexander the great died
Why are there different versions of the Bible
Because there are different translations of the original language
Worked to convert the people of Malabar
What was Alexander the Great's acheivement in relation to the Catholic Church
Aided the Chrch to spread throughout the world
Distighishes civilization from barbarism
Presence of true cities and the use of writing
Had a vision of a cross with the words"In this sign you will conquer"
Influenced him to battle Maxentius for Rome
Issued the Edict of Milan, declaring that Christian must not be persecuted
Had great ambitions to March to the Eastern Ocean
Alexander the Great