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Leaders discuss fate of Germany and agree on free elections and splitting Germany into occupational zones
Yalta Zones
The "Big Three" that met at the Yalta Conference
Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin
Primary plan for the US rebuilding countries of Europe and repelling communism after World War I.
Marshall Plan (Truman)
Societs block railroad and street access to the West due to western powers combining
Berlin Blockade (Truman)
12 members pledged military support to another in case any member was attacked
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Soviet response to NATO
Warsaw Pact
Civil war between nationalists and communists
Chinese Revolution (Truman)
Speech given after A-bomb development about the "arms race" which leads to the development of the H-Bomb
"This is now a different world"
Meeting of "Byfair" to reduce international tensions, however failed to come up with an agreement
The Geneva Summit (Eisenhower)
American spy plane shot down over Soviet Union
U-2 Incident
House of Un-American Activies, believed commies were sneaking propoganda into films
US-supported invasion by Cuban exiles with the intent to overthrow Fidel Castro
Bay of Pigs (Kennedy)
Confrontation during the Cold War between Soviet Union and US regarding nuclear missiles due to the Bay of Pigs Invasion
Cuban Missile Crisis (Kennedy)
Sputnik is the first artificial satellite released into space by the Soviets, which begins this.
The Space Race (Eisenhower)
Talks corresponding to armament control between the US and the Soviet Union
SALT Treaties
During WWI, who occupied Korea?
After WWI, Korea was divided where?
38th parallel
Who occupied the southern section of Korea?
Who occupied the northern section of Korea after WWI?
Soviet Union
Who attacks first?
North attacks south, causing a UN meeting in which they join military forces
Who supports the north?
What is the North Korean response to the UN?
Holding the Pusan perimeter
What is the significance of the US attack on Seoul?
The UN is able to re-establish the capital and push the north out
What happens when the Un foreces approach the Yalu River?
Chinese surprise attack UN and force them behind 38th parallel
How does MacArthur want to respond to Chinese action?
Retaliation, nuclear warfare
How does President Truman want to respond to Chinese action?
limited warfare