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a ruling council of three
Nap. at First consul then roger Ducos and Abbe Sieyes
Napoleonic Code
Npaoleon's set of laws divided into five parts Nap. puts everyone under same law code. EQUALITY
Napleon's Coronation
Was made emperor of France coronation was held in Cathedral of Notre Dame. Pope came from Rome to put crown on his head.Nap. takes crown shows HE IS BETTER pope then god
What problem did Napoleon have to fix before he felt confident to declare himself Emperor?
He had to get French people behind him
How did he attempt to defeat the British?
Through the economy he tried to get people to discontinue trading with Britain
Who controlled the different countries in Napoleon's Grand Empire?
gives to family and friends
Battle of Waterloo
Nap.'s rule ended at Battle of Waterloo and is defeated by the Duke of Welington is then sent to exile to St. Helena
Battle of Russia
Russians draw them in goes with scorched earth policy and winter sets in. The troops are embedded in Russia. Death cuts numbers in two. Sent again in exile.
Elba Island
1st place for exile
St. Helena
2nd exile place
Congress of Vienna
Called "Waltzing Congress" decided matters of France led by certain leaders.They redrew borders, restored old Monarchy, Balance of Power, and Erased ideals of FR
one of the leaders in the Congress of Vienna. Was an Austrian Prince.He comes up with congress system.
Congress system
political plan and division of Europe set up by the Congress of Vienna
What were the goals of the Congress of Vienna and how did they try to enforce them?
Wanted polit. plan and division did so doing as said in the C.O.V.
How did Nap. effect the new political movements in Europe?
Spread the idea of equality with the Napoleonic Code.
wanted all people to form one race/religion in 1 coutry b/c of new random boundaries. People are going to want independance.
the workers party>new class of industrial workers had risen. They wanted their rights protected . All factories and land should be owned by the state.
supported the ideas of F.R.
Utopian Socialists
socialism on a community scale> work for good of everyone
Karl Marx
leader of Communism. wrote communis manifesto where he spelled out his belief. Saw world as cycles of slave and master thought at his it was proletariat and bourgeoise. Thought workers should overthrow bourg. bring everyone to same level. NO NEED FOR GOV'T
A political regime in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.
industrial worker class
July Revolution
Cahrles X did away with Nat'l Assem. and took right to vote from middle class and gave control of the schools to the R.C.C. Mid. class & unemployed wkrs. overthrew gov't 3 days C.X fled. Victory came for mid. class.
Louis Philippe
Under his rule # of people who could vote increased. Tried to be CITIZEN KING people saw it as mocking he fled as people got mad
Revolution of 1848
Rev broke out against l.P.had then to support lots of people and then did away with workshops Workers revolted.
Second French Republic
temporary government so that National Government could be elected set up by the revolutionary leaders.
Louis Napoleon
elected as president of Second French Republic. Did away with const. Voted emperor III. Stayed on throne until 1870
Sardinia's prime minister. Beleived in industrialization and favored a const. monarchy. Realized that Sardinia needed help to get Austria out of Italy.Wanted to lead mvmnt. Made agreement with Nap. III to help.
rebel leader w/ Red Shirts was an Italian nationalist led ev. spent most of life in exile and taught guerrilla warfare. Conquered Sicily.
"Red Shirts"
Garibaldi's followers.
German trade union
Prime minister of Prussia. REAL POLITIK.Was a junker or rich landowner. wanted German unif. thought by defeating common enemies would bring Ger. closer together. Won 3 wars.
What three counries did Bismarck have to defeat to achevieve German unification?
Germany, Austria, And France.
How was he able to have allies for each war?
Gave troops and land also revenge was clearly seen in views.
What was the result of each war?
Won all three and signs treaty
Dual Monarchy
Hungary-Austria 1 emp. but sep. countries dif. stuf varied economically needed each other