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Who was the man who united china by conquering the north and the south
Yang Jian
What title did Yang Jian take
Emperor Wen
What dynasty was founded by Yang Jian?
The sui dynasty
What siginificant happened during the Sui dynasty?
they renewed many goal and traditions that had been accepted during Han
How did yang Jian become unpopular
he organized public work projects and used crews with forced laborors
What was the former Han capital that was rebuilt during the sui dynasty?
What kind of projects were oversaw by Yang Jian
repairing of the great wall and the construction of the Grand Canal
Why was the Grand canal so important?
the food was grown in the south and it had to get up north where the population is
What was Yang jian's greatest achievement?
the GRand canal
how did the Sui dynasty decline?
because of peasant revolts and a memeber of Yang Jian's own court strangled him
Who was the successor of Yang jian who started the Tang dynasty?
Li Yuan
Who started the Tang dynasty?
Li Yuan
How did the expansion of the boundries affect the dynasty
it became the richest, powerful, biggest empire
Who was the military stratgist genius in the Tang dynasty?
Tai Cong
Who was the son of Li yuan?
Tani cong
What was the Role of Tai Cong?
he was a wrrior and shrewd administrator he also was a historian
How did Tai Cong restore government in china?
through law codes that unified he also maintained control of it and continued to expand it
What were the circumstances of the civil service examinations?
measureddegree to which candidates mastered confucian principles
what is a meritocracy?
system in which people are chosen and promoted for their talents and performance
In the Tang dynasty, how were routes and waterways important?
routes made it easier to travel in China and nieghboring countries/helped the government perform duties/merchants increased trade
What kinds of things traveled down the silk roads?
Chinese goods and ideas to other cultures and brought back other products/ also passed along religion
What is Daoism?
philosophy and not religion/ nature/ give up worldly possessions
As trade grew what happened to Changan?
Changan gre and became the largest city in the world/ attracted merchants and scholars/ bcame a city of 2 million
in the tang dynasty what did the lower classes want?
wanted access to land and lower taxes
Who became ruler when really their husband became emperor?
Empress Wu Zhao for Gaozong
What were the major accomplishments of empress Wu
she expanded the bureaucracy,strengthend military forces and won loyalty among the people
Who was Empress WU's grand son?
What did Xuanzang do?
he promoted buddhism, welcomed arts
What's the name of the translucent pottery that became famous in china?
What was the new type of printing that took place in china?
Block printing
Who was Li Bo?
poet who moved from place to place/ famous for writing 2000 poems celecrating Daoism
WHo was Duo Fuo?
close friend of Li Bo/ wrote about the hardships of war
How does xuanzangs court fail militarily?
they are vunerable and focused on toomuch of the arts
Who took over China and how?
Turkish armies by cutting of trade routes by putting a stop to trade on Silk Roads
Since there was a drought what did the people think?
They thought of the mandate od Heaven. Bad things happen when gods disapproved rulers
How was the song dynasty differnt?
it was stable and prosperous
Who was Zhao Kuangyin
seized the throne and established the song dynatsy
Who established the song dynasty
Zhao Kuangyin
How did the Chinese keep peace witht he Mongols?
the paid them generously in pieces of silver