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Who Invented the Type Writer?
Christopher Sholes
Who Successfully used a steam engine to remove oil from the Earth's surface?
Edwin Drake
Who ran the American Railway Union and Later ran for President?
Eugene V. Debs
The Scottish Immigrant who made a fortune in steal?
Andrew Carnegie
Who organized coal miners, their wives, and their children to fight for better working conditions?
Mother Jones (Marry Harris)
Who created trusts and was critisized as a robber barron while serving as head of the standard oil company?
John D. Rockefeller
Who perfected the incandescent light bulb, and electrical power systen and power plants?
Thomas Edison
Who developed a cheap and effective manufactoring process for making steal?
Who opened the way for communications with the invention of the telephone?
Alexander Graham Bell
What railroad car mogul built a town for his workers?
What was the name of the main processing station for immigrants in San Fransisco?
Angel Island
What was the main goal of the Chinease Exclusion Act?
Decrease the number of Chinease, except students, teachers, ect.
What was the main goal of the Americanization Movement?
Assimilate People
In the big cities, what was the name of the housing that most immigrants lived in?
What group founded settlement houses in the late 1800's?
Social Reformers
What is it called when you use political influence illegally for personal gain?
The Graft
What is Tamany Hall the name of?
New York City Political Machine
What is appointing a friend to a political position an example of?
What were the Stallwarts strong supporters of?
The Spoils System
What did the pendalton civil service act require?
Anybody who applied to work for the government had to pass an examination
What is name of the act that congress proposed restricting immigration?
The Chinease Exclusion Act
Which idea lead to arise in anti-immigrant groups in a demand for restrictions?
Which term refers to the mixture of diverse cultures?
Melting pot-toss salad
Where did people on the East Coast Pass through before gaining access to America?
Ellis Island
What group supported Rosco Conkling?
The Stallwarts
What act authorized an independent civil service commission?
The Pendalton Act
Which President became a reformer and persuaded congress to reform civil service?
Chester A. Arthur
Which President supported civil service from the beginning, and cleaned up customs houses?
Rutherford B. Hays
Any type of unethical or illegal use of political influence for personal gain?
The Graft
Organized groups that controlled the activities of a political party in a city?
Political Machineries