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red scare
resulted in nationwide crusade against left-wingers whose Americanism was suspected; fears of communism breaking out in Russia
Mitchell Palmer
attorney general; "fighting Quaker"; rounded up about 6000 suspects during red scare
closed shops
business people who used the red scare to break up unions; labors called for the "closed" or all union shops; employers had their own camplain for the "open" shop
Ku Klux Klan
against all groups except Anglo-Saxons, native americans, and protestants; uprising against forces of diversity and modernity that were transforming American culture; blazing cross, bloodied lash, and tar and feathers
Nocola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti
Nacolo worked in a shoe factory and Bartolomeo was a fish-peddler; they were convicted of the 1921 murder of a Massachusetts paymater and his guard; 6 year case and they were eventually sentenced to death and electrocuted; there was too much prejudice during the trial
Immigration Act of 1924
replaced stopgap legislation of 1921; end of an era (period of unrestricted immigration that had brought 35 million immigrants to US)
government agents
Al Capone
"scarface"; murderer and alcohol distributor; 6 years of gang activity; couldn't be convicted of massacre on Feb. 14, 1929; served 11 years
organized crime
one of the nation's biggest businesses
John Scopes
high school biology teach that was fined and sent to court for teaching the Darwinist theory of evolution
William Jennings Bryan
member of the prosecution in the Scopes case; he took stand as an expert on the Bible; he died of a stroke 5 days after the trial ended
Clarence Darrow
criminal lawyer during Scopes case; made Bryan appear as a fool
Andrew Mellon
Treasurey Secretary; his tax policies favored the expansion of capital investment
Jack Dempsey
heaveyweight champion, his match in 1921 was the first million dollar sporting event
Henry Ford
inventor of 1st automobile (Model-T)
Orville and Wilbur Wright
1st to fly an airplane on December 17, 1903
Charles Lindburgh
1st person to fly solo across the Atlantic
Al Jolson
star of The Jazz Singer (1st movie with talking)
Langston Hughes
black poet from Harlem
Marcus Garvey
political leader who founded the United Negro Improvement Association which promoted the resettlement of American blacks in their own "American homeland"
Warren Harding
president of the US; wanted America to return to the way it was before the war
Ohio Gang
Harding's buddies from home; he gave them positions of importance
Charles Evans Hughes
secretary of state during Harding's presidency
Herbert Hoover
secretary of commerce; believed the regulation of industry held businesses and companies back; he supported the voluntary cooperation between governments and businesses
Washington Naval Conferance
1921 to 1922; invitations were sent to all major naval powers except Russia; multiple treaties evolved
Pact of Paris (Kellogg-Briand Pact)
allowed defensive wars, the US made a pact with the French; it gave a false sense of security
Fordney-McCumber Tarriff
1922, allowed higher tarriffs; President was allowed to reduce or increase the prices which caused European nations to create higher barriers
Teapot Dome Scandal
inovlved priceless naval oil reserves at Teapot Dome, Wyoming and Elk Hills, CA; Albert Fall had the secretary of the navy transfer the property to the Interior Dept.; Fall leased the land to Sinclari and Doheny after receiving bribes from them
Calvin Coolidge
vice presient under Harding, became president after Harding's death; "Silent Cal"; purposely gave the perception that he was not very active
McNary-Haughen Bill
1924-1928; supposed to give federal govt. power to set up prices and then buy all surplus and sell it overseas; it would stablize the prices; this bill was vetoed twice because it was unconstitutional and the farmers would just make more surplus
John Davis
wealthy lawyer; ran for president against Coolidge
Alfred Smith
four time governer of new york; ran for presient against Hoover as a democrat; was Catholic;
Agricultural Marketing Act
passed by Congress in June 1929; it was designed to help the farmers help themselves through producers' cooperatives; it set up the Federal Farm Board with a fund of half a billion dollars
Hawley-Smoot Tarriff
1930; started out inthe House as a protective measure that was designed to help farmers; by the time it pushed to the senate it had 1000 amendments; turned out to be the hightest protective tarriff in the nation's history; widened yawning trade gaps; plunged america and other nations deeper into depression, increase international financial chaos, and forced the US further into the bog of economic isolationism
Reconstruction Finance Cooperation (RFC)
working capital of half a billion dollars; became a govt. leading bank; designed to provide indirect relief by assisting insurance companies, banks, agricultural organizations, railroads, and state and local govt.
Bonus Expeditionary Force
about 20,000 people; set up unsanitary public camps and erected shacks on vacant lots (Hooverville); they created a menace to the public health while attemtping to intimidate Congress by their presence in force
Stimson Doctrine
1932 by Henry Stimson, secretary of state; decided to fire only paper bullets at Japanese aggressors; declared the US wouldn't recognize any territorial acquisitions achieved by force
Good Neighbor Policy
set up by Herbert Hoover; Hoover strode to abandon the interventionalist twist given to the Monroe Doctrine; made negotiations with foreign countries