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What is geography?
Geography is the study of people, their environments, and their resources.
What are the simularities between History and Geography?
Geography and History are closely related. They both need to know how natural environments. Effects people and events.
What are the five themes of Geography?
Location, Place, Interaction between People and their Environment, Movement, and Regions.
What is location?
There are 2 types of location, exact and relative
What is exact location?
-Latitude measures distance north and south from the equator.
-Longitude measures distance east and west from the prime meridian.

Example: 62 Degrees N/75 Degrees W
What is relative location?
Relative location is the Location relative to another location.

Example: The Green Forum is two years away from the 8th Grade Forum
What is place?
The theme place is used to decrinle an area's features, both physical and and human.
What are the features of the theme, place?
Physical Features: climate, soil, vegetation, animal life, bodies of water

Human Features: kinds of houses, transportation means, earning ways, language, and religion.
What is a natural resource?
A natural resouce are materials that humans can take from the environment to survive and satisfy their needs
What is Irrigation?
Bringing Water to Dry Lands
What is a region?
It has certain characteristics. A region can be defined y its physical characteristics.

Example: Antarctica is a region that is cold and dry.

Region can also be defined by human and cultural characteristics.
What is a cartographer?
What are Map Progections?
Drawings of a flat earth.
What is the Robinson Projection?
The rounded, more correctly sized earth map.
What is the Mercatot Projection?
The 1569 version of a map. It distorts sizes and shapes.
What are the types of maps?
Thematic Maps, Population Maps, Economic Maps, and Battle Maps
What is a thematic map?
Maps that deal with specific topics
What is a population map?
It shows the population.
What is an Economic Map?
Shows how people make their livings.
What is a battle map?
It shows major battles, and routes of retreating and advancing troops.
When was the oldest surviving map created?
2300 B.C.
Waht is an Isthmus?
Narrow strip of land
An________links North and South America
What region is the westernmost region, that has high mountain ranges, and the San Andreas Fault (600 Miles Long!)
The Pacific Coast
What region is east of the Pacific Coast, and includes adn Grand Canyon, Deserts, and Plateaus
The Intermountain Region
What region stretches from alaska through canada and the western US? It also has the highest american peaks
The Rocky Mountains
What is elevation?
the height above sea level?
What region is between the rockies and the appalacian mountains, is lowland. In the east is the central plains, and in the west it is the great plains.
The Interior Plains
What region extends over southern Missouri and North Arkansas to East Kansas and is mountainous?
The Ozark Highlands
What region runs along east north america? It stretches from Canada to Georgia/Mississippi. It lower, and less rugged than the rockies. It includes Mt. Mitchell (in N. Carolina) at 6,684 ft.
The Appalachian Mountains