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Triangular Trade Definition 1
Major system of trade over Atlantic Ocean between Europe, America and Africa
Triangular Trade Definition 2
Triangular Trade Definition 3
Europe gave manufactured goods, Africa gave slaves, and America gave raw materials and molasses
Triangular Trade Significance 1
Globalized World Economy
Triangular Trade Significance 2
Allowed growth in the Americas
Triangular Trade Significance 3
Helped European economy
Middle Passage Definintion 1
The voyage that brought captured Africans to the West Indies and the Americas
Middle Passage Definintion 2
1400’s to the 19th century
Middle Passage Definintion 3
Slaves labored on cash crops
Middle Passage Significance 1
Brought slavery and Africans into the Americas
Middle Passage Significance 2
Part of triangular trade
Middle Passage Significance 3
Long difficult journey
Middle Passage Significance 4
12 million slaves; 25 % died on trip
Middle Passage Significance 5
Brought African culture to the Americas
Triangular Trade Example
Trade between Europe, India, and Africa just before the triangular trade was similar in that it too involved 3 major areas trading that created globalization and it too opened new trade (direct trade w/ the east)