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Between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River
Ohio River
Because the French and Indians allied themselves against the British, this war is known as
French & Indian War in America
How long did the French & Indian War last
between 1754 to 1763
In Europe, where the war lasted from 1756 to 1763, it was called the
Seven Years' War
In 1753, Governor Dinwiddie of Virginia, determined to defend England's claim to the Ohio Country, decided to send a messenger to the French officer at distant Fort le Boeuf and ask the French to leave.
George Washington delivered the message
A twenty-one year old Virginian with a reputation for being both brave and wise, was just the one to deliver the message
George Washington
The commander of all British forces in the North American colonies
General Edward Braddock
Volunteer soldiers
Colonial militia
British soldiers & American Indians & colonial militia marched to take
Fort Duquesne
Drove the French completely out of the Ohio Valley
With the help of George Washington and the Virginia militia, the English