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John T. Scopes
biology teacher in Tennessee who was indicted for teaching evolution in the classroom, found guilty and paid a fine of $100
A. Mitchell Palmer
Attorney General during the “red scare” who rounded up nearly 6000 suspects, was known as the “Fighting Quaker”
Sacco and Vanzetti
two men convicted of the murder of a Massachusetts paymaster because the jury and judge were racist, prejudice against Italians, atheists, anarchists, and draft dodgers
Warren G. Harding
became president in 1921, was a nice easygoing man, but a horrible president, he could never tell who the liars were
Albert Fall
senator from New Mexico who became secretary of the interior, was bad because he was an anticonservationist
Harry M. Daugherty
was Attorney general who was a big time crook in the “Ohio Gang,” and was supposed to prosecute wrongdoers, but often did nothing
Calvin Coolidge
became president when Harding died, he was an old style president, but he also was pro-active business
Herbert Hoover
became president in 1928, who was a self made millionaire who was an ideal president for the businessperson
Alfred E. Smith
was 4 time governor of New York who was a democratic presidential nomination in the election of 1928, was an alcoholic and prejudice
Hawley-Smoot Tariff
was the highest protective tariff in the nations peacetime history that caused the average duty on nonfree goods to go from 38.5 % to 60%
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
established in 1932, was a government lending back aimed at providing indirect relief by assisting insurance companies, banks, agricultural organizations, and railroads, called “the millionaires dole” because it helped large corporations