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GI Bill of Rights
pensions / gov. loans to veterans
Employment Act of 1946
committed gov. promoted full employment and productions
Council of Economic Advisors
Set up to meet with president on economic policy
Taft-Hartley Act
reduced strength of organized labor
-gave judges power to ed strikes
-outlawed closed shops
Committee on Civil Rights
examine racism
"Democrats" unhappy with Truman's support for civil rights issues
Fair Deal
reform programs
-full employment
-raised min wage
Modern Republicanism
"Conservative -> money
Liberal -> human beings"
replacing people with machines
Highway Act of 1956
expanded Highway system
Suburban Life
Married with children
Baby Boom
90% increase in kids
Juvenile Delinquency
Antisocial behavior
Brown vs. Board of Education
Supreme Court case declared "separate but equal" public schools
Little Rock Nine
9 students attend all white school
League for United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
Hispanic rights
Writers and poets -> challenged lifestyle of middle class and leterary conventions
Urban renewal
program launched by federal government in the 50's to replace old, run-down inner-city buildings