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Cuban Missile Crisis & Fidel Castro
the Soviet Union puts missiles into Cuba, issue for the United States because Cuba is about 90 miles from Florida, the Soviet Union said if we get our missiles out of Turkey, then they would out of Cuba, and we did. Kennedy directly says to the Soviet Union without including Cuba, that it would be signaled as an act of war.
“Duck and Cover”
a video for kids that taught them that when there was a threat of atomic bombs and that there were going to be drills at school that you would get under a desk and cover your head.
Space Race goals defined
Going for the moon, first one to put on the moon by the end of the decade, Kennedy said that, because of the Soviet Union (sputnik)
JFK assassination
shots were fired and the president was assassinated,in Texas, all Americans were surprised and shocked. Government said that it was this one guy but many younger people believed that the government was lying and that it really was a conspiracy.
a guy that filmed the assassination, the film is proof that there might have been a conspiracy of the assassination
the guy that potentially might have murdered JFK, but was assassinated
assassinated Oswald b/c he was outraged that JFK was assassinated and is in prison
RFK assassination
after the assassination Robert Kennedy ran for the presidency and the youth loved him, but unfortunately, and was sentenced for life in prisonby a Palestine, believed that he would do things for Israel
Malcolm X
thought that blacks and whites should be equal but thought that if they used violence, he should come back w/ violence, but thought that blacks and whites should keep to themselves, changed his name to X because he thought that his formal last name was from his slave owners of his ancestors
thought that blacks and whites should be equal but he was a follower of Gandhi, and didn't want to respond w/ violence believed the blacks and whites should live together.
Beatles changed rock music, music had political influences and the musicians were influenced with drugs, African American musician’s music appealed to whites
books about wars
Films & Theater
about the space race and the cold war, protagonist was an anti-war hero (a character that was the bad guy but the audience emphasized with them)
Visual arts
artists had a different look at life
Johnson (LBJ)
was sworn in as the president on the plane that carried JFK’s body. He increased the amount of troops that were in Vietnam
Marijuana, LCD, and heroin were used to escape from the world around them, influenced the culture, used them to detach themselves from society because they didn't like it,
a genre of art form influenced by Drugs, artists that were doing drugs and painted what they saw.
Riots & protests
Montgomery bus boycott,
Watt in California 1965, Kent State 1970 Ohio,
Democratic Convention in Chicago, 1968
-MLK assassinated in 1968, also a civil rights leader, one of them that got us here where we are today
-JFK assassinated in 1963, everyone loved him, was doing a great job;
-RFK 1968 important because a Palestinian assassinated because he knew he was popular and he would be harder on them and work w/ Israel;
-Malcolm X 1965 in Manhattan after a speech, important because he was a civil rights leader;
Anwar Sadat in 1981, was assassinated by his own soldiers because they didn't like him keeping the peace b/w them and Israel;