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When did the prgressive movement take place?
1890's - 1920's
What is the progressive movement?
Return control of government to the people restore economic opportunity and correct injustices.
Banning of Alcohol *Social Reform*
Right to vote - Woman
National Assosation (for) Advancement (of) Colored People
National Assosation (For) Colored Woman
Which Admendment gives the woman the right to vote?
Social Reforms
(1) Prohibition
(2) Sufferage
(3) Segregation / Discrimation
Jimmy Crow Laws
Seperate bathrooms / Water fontains, diners, stores. Ect. Ect.
W.E.B. DuBois established what?
NAACP - National Assosation (for) Advancement (of) Colored People
Journalists writing about corrupt businesses (Ida Wells)
People who helped establish the womans right to vote...
Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady-Stanton, Carrie Chapmen-Catt
Economic + Government Reforms
Fosering Efficiency, Protecting Workers, Intro. of City/Town Councils, Regulating Railroads/Mines/Mills,
Fostering Efficiency
First guy to make it work - Henry Ford. He invented the assembly line (people stand in a line, first person puts one part, second person, next part) Reduced hours to 8 hours, and got 5 dollars a day
Protecting Workers
Limits womans working hours to 10 hours a day. Compensation (Pay if you get hurt at work) child Labor Laws
Robert La Follete
Government Reformer, changed a lot of the stuff
Bill Comming from the people - petition
Added to state laws for our protection / Vote on the bill
Direct Primary
Voters choose candidates
17th Admendment
Senators elected by people rather than legislature.
Teddy Roosevelt
Wasn't suppose to be president.
Thought he was too zellus
wanted to control him
McKinly got assassenated
Coal Strike 1902
144 thousand people freezing to death
Teddy Roosevelt - Trustbusting
Regulated 44 Trusts in 7 years
One good thing about Teddy
Believed in the everyday/average joe
Meet Inspection Act
Teddy Roosevelt - The jungle by Upton Sinclair - Read it and couldnt' believe it.
"The Jungle" ~ Upton Sinclair
A book about the meat packing industry. Rats, spitting, rotten meat, poison
Pure Food and Drug act
Teddy Roosevelt - Made sure food was labeled correctly
Teddy set aside millions of acres for natural resources
Gifford Pinchot
Major conservationalist -
John Muir
Preservation - Perfect
William Taft
Busted 90 Trusts in 4 years, sold a million acres of conservation land, fired Gifford Pinchot
Payne-Alrich Tarrif
Didn't tax "silly" things - Canary Bird Seed, Hide and Sea weed - William Taft
Republican Party Splits
Progressives (Bull Moose Party) vs. Conservatives.
Election of 1912
Socialist - Eugene V. Debs
Republican - William H. Taft
Progressive - Theodore roosevelt
Democratic - Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson
Trusts should be broken up, Government - not bigger Buisness smaller, Slightly supported sufferage, nothing for civil rights
Clayton Anti-trust Act
Allows unions to exist without fear of being thrown in jail or paying a fine. Declairs certain buisness practices illegal.
16th Amendment
Income Tax
Federal Trade Commison
Watch Dogs