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who represented the two parties in the election of 1860?
southern dem party: John Breckinridge
northern dem party: stephen douglas
republican: Abraham Lincoln
constitutiona union party: John Bell
who won the 1860 election?
Abraham Lincoln
who concluded they had no voice in the U.S. government?
south carolina
who seceded form the union first?
south carolina
what was created by the seceded states and who was the leader?
the confederate states fo america and the leader was Jefferson Davis
what were some of the advantages for the north?
1. They had 71% of the population
2. 91% of all production
3. more money for war effort
4.better navy
5. 71% of all railway miles
6. Abraham Lincoln's leadership
North disadvantages
1. bringing the southern states back was extremely difficult
2.invade and hold large geographic area
south advantages
1. strong support of white population
2. defending their way of life
3. The war was fought mostly in the south
4. military leadership
south disadvantages
1. smaller population
2. few factories
3. could not produce enough food
4. lackeda railway network; to move food, supplies, and troops
north goals of the war
main goal. bring the southern states back into the union, blockade southern ports, capture richmond virginia, control the mississippi river
south goals of the war
fight a defensive war
enlist aid from europe
when lincoln blockaded southern ports what did it cut trade by?
what did ulysses s. grant capture and what did this acomplish?
Ft. Henry and Ft. Donelson it opened up the path to the west for union troops
who drove the Confederates out of KY
Ulysses S. Grant
who won the battle of shiloh
who replaced irvin mclowell as commander of the army of potomac?
George Mcclellan
what was irvin mclowell's problem
he was overly cautious
what happened at the battle of richmond
the union operation took a long time so the confederates were able to prepare a defence. the union was then chased back to the james river and then north.
who made a name for themself at the battle of richmond because fo their fine cavalry skills?
J. E. B. Stuart
who won the battle of bull run?
what happened at the battle ot the 2nd bull run?
jackson'd and lee's troops attacked Pope and his union army. the confederates won.
what advantage did the confederate atmy have at the battle of Fredericksburg?
the high ground south of the town
who led the union at the battle of fredericksburg and what happened?
Ambrose Burnside sent his 100,000 man army against the entrenched confederates and they were slaughtrered.
who replaced burnside as the commander of the army of potomac?
John Hooker
what happened at the battle of chancelorsville?
lee and jackson led attacks on hooker's men, succesfully attackign the left flank, jackson forced a union retreat.
why was the battle of chancelorsville ended?
why was mortally wounded at the battle of chancelorsville?
thomas jackson
who led and won the battle of Vickburg?
U.S. Grant, and the union won the battle gaining control of the mississippi river