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What was the mature cotton economy?
American south was producing more raw cotton than any other nation, This meant more slaves needed. Planters justified power with a moral purpose to maintain white living standards. Elite planters encouraged ambitious men from modest backgrounds to buy slaves.Slaves slowed the pace of work by illnesses (deliberatE), also challenged the arbitrary breakup of communities, but masters ignored such regimes)
What were some American settlements in the region of Texas?
Beginning in the 1820's Northeastern farmers and European migrants moved to the Midwest. Texas had long been a zone of conflict between European nations. Mexican government encouraged settlement of Texas by its citizens and those of the Us. In the mid 1830's when Mexican gov. asserted more control over Texas, the "peace party" worked to win more self government for the province while the "war party" demanded independence. Austin won it but the new president of Mexico nullified it. he sent an army, which provoked the war, and the rebels proclaimed the independence of Texas and adopted a constitution legalizing slavery.
Explain the rebellion and war
the president moved to put down the rebellion. His army wiped out the rebels and defended the Alamo. But this defeat had captured attention and adventurers fled there.Texans quickly voted to annexation by the US but Jackson and MVB refused to act. They knew adding Texas as a slave state would divide the Democratic party and the nation and lead to a war with Mexico.
Why was there a push to Oregon?
Puget Sound had potential harbors and also fertile soil and mild climate.Oregan fever raged. They went through the Oregon Trail.
Manifest Destiny
Term coined by John L. O'Sullivan in 1845, based on an American sense of cultural and racial superiority. It describes the idea that Americans were fated by Providence to develop the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific and bring "inrerior" people under American dominion.
Why was there a push to California?
Rise of ranching had created a new society and economy. Some travelers hoped to emulate the Americans in Texas by colonizing the country overwhelming an inferior culture and then seeking annexation to the US.
What happened in the fateful election of 1844?
This determined gov. policy to Oregon and California. Northern Democrats were demanding expansion, southern democrats could champion the annexation of Texas without threatiening party union and Tyler hoped to win election as a democrat this time.Tyler proposed to anneex Texas and seize Oregon to the 5440 line. With his secretary of state Calhoun, he submitted it to the senate and democrat VB and Whi Clay opposed. They knew annexation would alienate many northern voters and persuaded Whi and northern Democratic senators to defeat the treaty. They selected Polk of Tennessee who was also AJ's favorite. Congressional democrats closed ranks and moved immediately to bring Texas into the Union.
What was Polk's expansionist program?
Mexico government lacked efficiency. So Polk took advantage of this and put into action a secret plan to acquire Mexico's northern provinces. He ordered troops to occupy land near the Nueces river and the Rio Grande to intimidate. He dispatched John Slidell on a secret mission to Mexico City, it failed as Polk expected and he ordered General Taylor to build a fort near the river to incite an armed response. Forces clashed. Ignoring Whig pleas for a peaceful resolution of the dispute, the Democratic majority in Congress voted for war ith Mexico. He retreated from the 54 50 and agreed to the 49 parallel.
How was there American Military Success?
Fighting broke out in California with American naval forces and Mexican authorities. American settlers in the interior staged a revolt and supported by Fremont's forces, captured Sonoma. Polk ordered an army. He expected that these victories would prompt the Mexican gov to sue for peace but he underrated their national pride and the President went offensive attacking Polk. General scott devised a plan to strike the heart of Mexico. It crushed the Mexican army and a new Mexican gov. agreed to make peace.
"Conscience whigs"
Term used to describe politicians opposed to the Mexican War in the 1840's on moral grounds, arguing that the purpose of the was was to acquire more land for the expansion of slavery. They believed that more slave states would destroy yeoman freeholder society and put slaveholders in charge of the federal government.
What was the Wilmost Proviso?
In 1864, David Wilmost, a Democratic representative from Pennsylvania proposed to prohibit slavery in any new territories acquired from Mexico to prevent the south from profiting from the war. This, the Wilmot Proviso, became a rallying point for antislavery northernors.Some like Polk wanted the Us to kae at least part of Mexico.Polk and Buchanon abandoned their expansionist dreams in Mexico to reunify Democratic party before the election. in 1848 Polk signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which the US agreed to pay Mexico in return for Texas N. of rio grande, NM and Ca.
"Free soil"
Term describing the belief that slavery should be kept out of the territories because it threatened republican institutions and yeoman farming. In the 1840's, the short-lived Free Soil Party's slogal stated "free soil, free labor, free men"
What happened in the election of 1848?
What was the Crisis and Compromise of 1850?
"Popular Sovereignty"
Michigan senator and presidential candidate Lewis Cass introduced this solution to the problem of slavery in the territoreis in 1848 by proposing that territorial residents shoul have the right to determine the status of slavery locally. This policy alienated free-soil democrats but it was later adopted by Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinous, who gave it its final name in the Kansas -Nebraska Act.
"fire eaters"
Southern politicians who sought secession. They organized secession conventions in several southern states in 1850 but backed away because of a lack of support and the promise of moderate southern backing for secession if Congress tried to outlaw slavery in the future.
What was the Complex Compromise?
Explain the resistance to the Fugitive Slave Act
Personal-liberty laws
Laws passed by northern legislatures in the 1850's to challenge the federal Fugitive Slave Act and extend legal rights to escaped slaves.
How did the Whigs decline and explain the Democrats' diplomacy.
"Slave Power"
Term used by antislavery advocates in the 1850's to describe a suspected conspiracy of southern politicians and their northern business allies. It was believed that these groups planned to expand the bounds of slavery into new territories.
Explain the beginnings of the Kansas Nebraska Act.
Who were the Republicans?
Who were the Know-Nothings?
What was "Bleeding Kansas"?
What happened in the election of 1856?
What was the Dred Scott case about?
Describe Lincoln's political career.
Explain the rise of Radicalism
What happened in the election of 1860?