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Chapter 11
Chapter 11
land which the United States has set aside for Indians.
the man who invented the Mechanical Reaper.
Cyrus McCormick
to keep one rancher's cattle from mixing with cattle from another ranch.
sudden noise in which the cattle would run widly.
was a Pony Express rider, an army scout, and an Indian fighter.
Buffalo Bill
was an amazing mark's women; she could hit a dime tossed into the air from 30 paces.
Annie Oakley
the Indian scout and town marshal.
Wild Bill Hickok
a government law passed which said that any family that settled in certain areas of the West could receive 160 acres of land.
Homestead act
Whenever the government made land available for settlement.
land rush
is when over thousands of people lined up along the border of Oklahoma.
Oklahoma Land Rush
the 20th president
James A. Garfield
a person who leaves his own country to make his home in another country.
was a brilliant lawyer who became one of America's greatest revival preachers.
Charles Finney
America's most famous evangelist during the 19th century
Dwight Moody
a famous baseball player
Billy Sunday
the man brought the steel industry to America
Andrew Carneige
the man who organized the oil industry
John D. Rockefeller
the inventor of the telegraph .
Smuel morse
the inventor of the telephone.
Alexander Graham Bell
the man that the shoe-lasting machine.
Jan Ernst Matzeliger
the man who invented a sugar-refining process which greatly reduced the cost of refining.
Norbert Rilliex
the man who invented the traffic signal.
Garrett A. Morgan
the brothers who invented the air-plane
The Wright Brothers
the man that invented the rocket fueled rocket.
Robert Goddard
the 49th state
the 50th state