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William H. Crawford
(SOUTH) secretary of treasury, former congressman from Georgia, failing health severly weakened his candidacy
Andrew Jackson
(WEST) a hero of the war of 1812 from Tennessee, champion for the common man
Henry clay
(WEST) speaker of the house of representatives from Kentucky, Internal improvements, national bank, high tariffs, "The Great Compromiser"
John Quincy Adams
(NORTH) son of 2nd president, supported merchants in the north
who recieved the most popular votes
under the 12th amendment who selects the president
the house of representatives
who used his infleuence to get who elected
Henry Clay, John Q Adams
what was henry clay appointed after adams became president
secretary of state
were adams policies popular with the people
what were his policies
stronger navy, advance public education, money for improvements in science and the arts, interna; improvements
who was to direct economic growth
the fed. government
what did the democratic party split into in the election of 1828
democratic party and national republican party
who were the democrats
andrew jackson supporters; frontiersman, immagrants, laborers; didnt want a dtrong central government; states rights
who were the national republicans
John Q Adams supporters; strong central government; merchants,farmers
who won
jackson by a landslide
between 1824 and 1828 what was the change in white males voting
it increased from 27% to 58%
by 1840 what percent of white males voted
caucuses were replaced by what
nominating conventions
where did the democrats hold thier first National convention
Baltimore 1832
what did the southerners call the tariff on manufactured goods
the tariff of abominations
who said that states could nullify federal laws
john c calhoun
who attacked nullification and called it "the end of the union"
daniel webster
who supported nullification
robert hayne said states had the right to secede
wher was John c calhoun elected
to senator. he stepped down from vice president
who passed the nnullification act vowing not ot pay for tariffs
south carolina