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Zhou Dynasty
1027-256 BCE
Warring states period
402-332 BCE
Qin period
256-206 BCE
Han Dynasty
207 BCE- 210 C.E.
Age of Disunity
220-589 C.E.
Ancestor worship
A religious practice based on the belief that deceased family members existence continue’s
feminen dark passive force
masculine bright active force
a Chinese folk religion.
is a Chinese ethical and philosophical system originally developed from the teachings of the early Chinese sage Confucius
zhou dynasty
a group that rebelled against the shang using the mandate of heaven.
a record of the words and acts of the central Chinese thinker Confucius and his disciples
filial peity
respect for ones parents or elders
the influential Prime Minister (or Chancellor) of the feudal state and later of the dynasty of Qin
mandate of heaven
a document made by the zhou proposing rebellion against the shang
dynastic cycle
A circle representing the beggining and end of life
tao te ching
The Book of the Way and its Virtue written around 600 BCE by the Taoist sage Laozi
one of the four main philosophic schools in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period
I ching
The book of changes
well-field system
a Chinese land distribution method since at least 9th century BC
The chinese term for poetry
Qin dynasty
(256 BC - 206 BC) preceded by the Zhou Dynasty and followed by the Han Dynasty in China
Western word invented by Shi Huagdi
Great wall
Rebuilt during the Ming dynasty to keep the Mongholians out
Han Dynasty
206 BC–AD 220) followed the Qin Dynasty and preceded the Three Kingdoms in China
Civil Service bureaucracy
Endured the the preindustrial world
Tributary relations
made the nomad rulers had to travel to the imperial court
system of planting that planted seeds planted in lines along the furrows
invented in 105 C.E.
silk road
Established long distance trade between the east and the West
The romance of the three kingdoms
A novel telling the storyof kind aurthur and his knights