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when did romans drive out the last etruscan king?
what happened in 509 bc?
how did plebeians gain power?
demanded equality
who were the member of the alandholding upper class
people elected to suoervise the businesss of gov't and command armies
who fought whom in the punic wars?
rome and carthage
who won the first pun. war?
what was gained from the 1st pun war?
silcily, corsica, and sardinia
result of 2nd pun war?
carthage gave up its lands except those in africa
why did the 3rd pun war start?
rome wanted revenge and saw arthage as a rival
result of 3rd pun war?
carthage completely destroyed
after the 3rd pun war, the romans set the stage for what?
supremacy and world dominance
tiberus and gaius grackhus did what?
ceaser's quote:
veni vidi vici
when did ceaser die?
march 15, 44 bc
augustus creaed a what?
cilvil service
augustus ordered a what?
which successors were evil?
caligula and nero
who codified roman law and built a wall?
who was closest to plato's thinking of philosopher kin?