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let people do as they choose
who did the federalists support?
john Adams- president
charles pinkney- vice presendent
who did the Republicans support?
thomas jefferson- presedent
Aaron Burr- vice presedent
who recieved 73 votes
jefferson and burr
who was elected on the 30 ballot
Jefferson's policies
-state rights and opposed powerful fed. gov.
-farmers were backbone of the nation
-expanded the nation westward
-reduse the size o fmilitary
Jefferson cabinent
secretary of state- James Madison
secretary of treasury- Albert Gallatin
Jeffersons policies
-Allowed the alien and sedition acts to expire
-The naturalization Act was repealed
Cutting costs
-slashing to the military
-cut the army 1/3
-reduced navy from 25 to 7 ships
-repealed all the federal internal taxes
-reduced nation debt
jefferson courts
-16 regional courts
-100's of judicial officials
- john marshall was chief justice of the supreme court
what did spain close
the port of new orleans
what percentage of the us citizens lived within 50 miles of the atlantic ocean
jefferson requested how much to explore and what was the final cost
$2500 and the total cost was $38,000
who died on the expedition
Charles Floyd
who did lewis and clark hire as an inpretor
toussaint charboneau and sacagawea
where did they spend thier first winter? whit who?
fort mandan with the mandan and hidatss indians
where were busisess set up to "protect" ships
tripoli and barbary coast states
when jefferson was elected did he pay tripoli and barbary to protect them
What did jefferson do to stop tripoli's ships
he blocked thier ports
Which nation continualy violated American shipping rights?
Great Britain
How did they continualy violated American shipping rights?