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direct primary
a nominating election in which voters choose the candidates who later run in a general election
17 amendment
gave voters the power to elect their senators directly.
gives voters the power to initiate, or introduce legislation; if a certain number of voters sign this petition, a proposed policy is put on the ballot
companion to the initiative, and by securing a specified number of signatures on the petition, citizens can force the legislature to place a recently passed law on the ballot, allowing voters to approve of veto the measure
allows voters to remove an elected official from office calling for a special election.
Samuel Jones
self made man; did many things to help to community
Tom Johnson
self made man
Robert LaFollette
served in government; came up with the Wisconsin Idea
Wisconsin idea
reform program that urged that more tax dollars go towards building railroads and public utilities
Process by which two opposing sides allow a third party to settle a dispute
Process of making damaged land productive
Square DeAL
Theodore Roosevelt’s 1904 presidential campaign slogan pledging to balance the interests of business, consumers, and labor
elkins act
Federal law that prohibited shippers from accepting rebates
hepburn act
Law that authorized the Interstate Commerce Commission to set railroad rates and to regulate other companies engaged in interstate commerce
meat inspection act
Federal law that required government inspection of meat shipped across state lines
pure food and drug act
Law that prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of food and patented medicine containing harmful ingredients; also required food and medicine containers to carry ingredient labels
national park service
A federal agency established in 1916 to help supervise national parks and monuments
William Howard Taft
nominated by Roosevelt as the republican candidate in the 1908 election; R's secretary of war; weak leader
Mann-Elkins Act
extended regulatory powers of the Interstate Commerce Commission to telephone and telegraph companies
16th amendment
levy taxes based on income
Payne-Aldrich Tariff
a low-tariff bill, and Senator Nelson Aldrich turned it into a high-tariff measure.
Richard Ballinger
Taft’s secretary of the interior
Ballinger-Pinchot Affair
Ballinger and Pinchot were feuding, and Taft told them to stop critisizing, but when they didnt, he fired Pinchot; shows Taft's weakness for conversation
Joseph Cannon
Speaker of the house; head of rules committee; lead with an iron-hand; progressives launched an attack on him
George Norris
a progressive; began to try to break Cannon's power; proposed that the House should pick the Rules Committee, and the Speaker of the house should be separate from it
Progressive Party
formed after Roosevelt lost the election against Taft, and his people formed this group
Woodrow Wilson
Democratic candidate
New Freedom
proposals to help small businesses
Eugene Debs
Socialist party candidate
Underwood Tariff Act
Bill introduced a graduated income tax
Federal Reserve Act
Wilson helped draft it; created the three tiered banking system: Federal Reserve Board, 12 federal reserve banks, and private banks
Clayton Antitrust Act
Clarified and extended the 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act by stating what corporations could not do
Fedral Trade Comission
part of the New Freedom Program; authorized to investigate corporations; looked for mislabeled products
Adamson Act
reduced the railroad worker day to 8 hours
Keatings-Owen Child Labor Act
outlawed the sale of anything made by children in factories; struck down
19th amendmant
womens suffrage
National American Women Suffrage Association
Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony were the presidents; leading group in the women's suffrage movement
Alice Paul
broke away from the NAWSA and formed the Congressional Movement for Women Suffrage
Carrie Chatman Catt
was president of the NAWSA; continued to use traditional political strategies to attain voting rights