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Who was president of the United States during World War I?
Woodrow Wilson
rows of wood
What did the germans use that made them victorious on the seas?
U-Boats (underwater boats or submarines; fired torpedoes at enemy ships)
What is the name of the letter (note) that made Americans angry and led them to decide to enter World War I?
Zimmerman Note (from Germany to Mexico; asked Mexico to be on their side; would give part of US to Mexico if they won the war)
Who won World War II?
Allies (french, british, americans
When did the fighting stop?
When the Central Powers surrendered (gave up)
This was formed after World War I to try to keep war from starting again
League of Nations
Baseball L______
When was World WAr I
Who was Kaiser Wilhem
ruler of Germany in 1914; wanted Germany to control more land.
What is an alliance
a promise between two or more countries to fight together against their enemies
The countries that sided against Germany were called
"Allied Powers" (british, french, americans)
The countries that sided WITH Germany
Central Powers
The countries that did not take sides
Neutral nations (America was neutral for the first 3 years of the war)
What was the name of the English passenger ship that was shot by a German U-boat torpedo
Lusitania (over 1000 people died; including over 100 Americans)
Who said, "The world must be made safe for democracy"
President Woodrow Wilson
What do we call the day that we celebrate and honor all who have served in our armed forces
Veterans Day
Where was the headquarters of the League of Nations
Genevea Switzerland
What was the League of Nations
all countries who joined the leagued agreed not to make war on any other nation that was also in the league
The 1920's were given a nickname....
The Roaring 20's (after the war; happier times; prosperous years
Who became president in 1925 (after World war I)
Calvin Coolidge (first president to give his inaugural address over the radio)
The difficult years of 1929-1940 were called . . .
The Great Depression
What was the great depression?
hard times; banks ran out of money, factories closed down, people lost jobs
Who was the president during the great depression?
Franklin Roosevelt; worked to end the depression by creating jobs like building highways, dams and bridges
know these presidents:
world war I - Woodrow Wilson
roaring 20's - Calvin Coolidge
Great depression - Franklin Roosevelt
one of the cruelest dictators ever known
Joseph Stalin - Leader of Russia
fascist dictator of Italy
Benito Mussolini
German Nazi leader
Adolph Hitler
emperor of japan (militarism)
powerful general of japan
tojo (more powerful than emeror)
National socialism
government and leaders are all-powerful;more important then the people of the country, leader can do no wrong; not all people have the same 'value' or 'worth' and were treated differently
World War II started because of the invasion of this country
US President during World War II
Franklin Roosevelt
World War II was fought on these three continents
Asia, Europe, Africa
Axis Powers
Germany, Italy, Japan
The Allies
U.S., Soviet Union and Britain
The United States entered World War II because of this event
Pearl Harbor
The fighting stopped first on this continent
The day the fighting stopped in Europe was called
V - E Day (Victory in Europe Day)
Why did the Japanese surrender?
America dropped an atomic bomb and destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki
During WWI which ship did the Germans sink and angered the Americans: Maine, Mayflower, Lusitania, Titanic
Who won WWI?

Axis Powers
What is the name of November 11 - a day we honor all who have served in the armed forces?

Independence Day
Memorial Day
Veterans Day
Flag Day
What was formed after WWI in an effort to keep war from breaking out again?

League of Nations
United Nations
Veterans Day
Flag DAy
League of Nations
What was the nickname of the 1920's?

Roaring Decade
Roaring Twenties
Peaceful Years
Prosperous Twenties
Roaring Twenties
On which continent was there NO fighting in WWII?

North America
North America
Which country was an Axis Power for only part of the war?

The fighting stopped first on which continent?

North America
This city was divided after WWII. The communists built a wall there.

Washington DC
Who fought North Korea in the Korean war?

China and S. Korea
Japan and U.S.
South Korea and United Nations
South Korea and League of Nations
South Korea and United Nations