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Who owned Alaska before the United States bought it?
What did Alaska used to be called?
Russian America
Alaska once belonged to Russia
Who discovered Hawaii?
Captain James Cook
rhymes with hook
When did the territories of Alaska and Hawaii enter the Union?
Which American admiral defeated the Spanish fleet in the Philippines?
Admiral George Dewey
What was the name of the group of soldiers led by Theodre Roosevelt?
The Rough Riders
What battle did the Rough Riders fight in?
The Battle of San Juan Hill
Who won the Spanish American War?
United States
What country was the first to try to build a canal in Panama?
"French" Fries
Who was the leader of the Rough Riders?
Theodore Roosevelt
Who destroyed mosquitoes in Panama?
William Gorgas
How much money did the United States pay for Alaska?
$7,200,000 (seven million, two hundred thousand dollars)
In 1896 what happened that made everyone believe that Alaska was a valuable territory?
The discovery of gold
"California here we come!"
How far is it from California to Hawaii?
2,000 miles
What happened in 1898 that made the Americans angry and led t the Spanish-American War?
When the battleship "Maine" was sunk.
WHERE (in the Pacific) was the Spanish fleet defeated?
the Philippines
Which territories did the United States receive as a result of the Spanish American War?
Philippines, Guam, Puert Ric
Which state did the United States NOT receive as a result of the Spanish American War?
What is a canal?
a man-made waterway
How is a TERRITORY different than a STATE?
people in a territory cannot vote for a governor
Why did it take so long for Alaska to become a state?
because there were no roads connecting Alaska to the United States
In 1978, what did the United States promise to do with the Panama Canal?
Give it back
Who was William Seaward?
Secretary of State in 1867 - wanted America to buy Alaska
What did americans call the purchase of Alaska (making fun of Steward)?
"steward's Folly" and "Steward's Icebox"
Did Alaska become a state when it was purchased by the United States?
No - it became a TERRITORY
What number state is Alaska?
3 years older than mom
What is the name of the largest island in Hawaii
How many large islands in Hawaii?
What was the purpose of the Spanish American War?
to set Cuba free from Spain
How smart is Garrett?