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who invented the cotten gin
eli whitney
what were hand tools replaced by
what provided power for factories
rushing streams
what were the 4 elements of success
1. workers
2. power (water)
3. location
4.capitol (money)
what were some inventions
spinning jenny, water frame, power loom, cotton gin
what did samuel slater do
he memorized the design of Richard Arkwrights machine to spin cotton into thread
who built the first successful textile mill in America
samuel slater and moses brown
who started the started the system of interchangeable parts
eli whitney
in 1820 what percent of americans were farmers
more than 65%
how did corperations start
1. regulations were removed
2. companies sold stock to create revenue
what did the second bank in the US do
1. made loans for businesses
2. collected taxes
what did the first section of the National Road connect
maryland to western Virginia then eventually it led to Illinois
adavantages of river travel
comfortable, faster
disadvantages of river travel
most flowed North-south
thraveling upstream was difficult
who created the Clermont and where did it go
robert fulton and it went from nyc to albany